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Make Sure You Know Who You Are Calling -- Very Important -- Please Read & Share

Make Sure You Know Who You Are Calling — Very Important — Please Read & Share

Make Sure You Know Who You Are Calling — Very Important — Please Read & Share


There are many people in this area that have stolen our name , added a few letters to it , this & that but…

There is only one,   The Woodlands Garage Door Service, It is owned by Justin Hodges

When you call make sure to ask for Justin or Robin to ensure you are getting the original & Only The Woodlands Garage Door Service which is family owned & operated by the Hodges family for over 30 years.

If it is not please hang up, call us @ 832-928-4407 & let us know who you spoke to that was misleading you as I have heard numerous stories from people that have been taken advantage of by these other companies & want to put a stop to it permanently. It is not right , if you want to do business , DO IT UNDER YOUR OWN NAME do not pretend you are someone you are not or add a word or letter in front of my LEGAL business name in order to profit off of it.

We appreciate everyone’s business & help in spreading the word


Don’t fall for other companies that say they are us. They only take advantage of you .

Always Remember



Make Sure You Know Who You Are Calling — Very Important — Please Read & Share

Garage Door Question & Answer

Q. What kind of service should I have done to my garage door?

A. You should have your garage door serviced at least once a year, that service should include lubing the hinges
rollers,bearings, springs and the garage door opener rail. The hinge bolts and track bolts should be tightened,
check cables for fraying and springs for proper balance. The garage door opener should be checked for proper
operation, photo cells checked for proper function, and the safety reverse should be checked. (most
manufactures suggest the gdo safety reverse be checked monthly).
The proper way to check the garage door operator safety reverse is to lay a  2×4 block of wood under the center
of the door and then shut the garage door, the door should reverse within 2 seconds after hitting the 2×4.
 Q. My door goes all the way down to the floor, sits there for a second and then opens again. 

A. Your garage door opener has a close limit setting that tells the opener when to shut off the motor. If the
setting is not properly adjusted the motor will not get the signal to shut off and the door will open again thinking
it has hit an obstruction

Q. When I try to close my garage door, the door goes down a few inches then goes back up and the light bulbs
on the motor head flash.

A. The most common problem is the photo cells, located on each side of the door near the floor are out of
alignment or something is blocking the beam.

Q. Last night I heard a loud bang in the garage and now the garage door will not open?

A. Sounds like the spring has broke, depending on the type of spring system you have the spring can either
across the top of the door visible and will have a distinct separation in the coils. Some doors the spring is
contained in a tube, other doors the springs can be by the tracks either vertically or horizontally


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Make Sure You Know Who You Are Calling — Very Important — Please Read & Share

Garage Door Openers

Door openers have come a long way since their invention in 1926 by the founder of the Overhead Door Corporation. Today, they come with complex radio signal devices that on some brands can change the code for the next open-close event to keep hackers from stealing your signal. We are all concerned about security these days and these types of devices offer the very best state-of-the-art approaches from some of the manufacturers.

Some units offer a fast open feature that gets the door up in a hurry and then closes at the normal rate of speed for night-time entry into your garage – giving you that final sense of security before alighting from your car. These type of features are very beneficial for those homeowners who mostly enter their garages during the dark hours. Who can get enough security and convenience features these days?

Safety features include advanced laser beam devices that will stop, then reverse the door direction, if a child or pet breaks the light beam. With todays hurried lifestyle, these type of safety features are essential to the peace of mind for every homeowner.

Many of the units available today have advanced signal features that allow for programming to a cell-phone and are compatible with Car2U® and HomeLink® systems for the utmost in convenience and safety. The digital world has come a long way, and many manufacturers of garage door openers have kept up with the advancements in digital technology making their products very desirable.

Also, you have to consider which of the three types of drive-systems will best suit your situation. Some offer extremely quiet and vibration-free operation even on some of the heaviest doors. This is a huge benefit if you have bedrooms above the garage area, or living space close by. If you purchase a authorized dealer installed unit, they can help you determine the proper drive system for your situation.

Residential garage door openers are a complicated subject due to the many variables involved, all based upon your needs. We will give you our very best effort to clarify this for you so that you can make an informed purchase from a position of knowledge and understanding as to what is involved verses what is available.

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Make Sure You Know Who You Are Calling — Very Important — Please Read & Share

Garage Door Opener Stops or Reverses When Activated


The first thing to check are the photo eyes that are located on either side of the door frame. Their purpose is to detect an object in the way of the door and reverse or disable the opener. If the eyes are not facing directly at each other, they may work intermittently, causing occasional spontaneous reversals with no rhyme or reason. If you don’t have these eyes, no one stole them… you just have an opener that was built before the 90’s when they became mandatory for all newly manufactured openers. The lights should be a solid color not blinking.


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