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Improve Curb Appeal with a Garage Door

Improve Curb Appeal with a Garage Door

Improve Curb Appeal with a Garage Door

It’s easy to overlook your garage door when you’re thinking about renovating your home. If you’re like most people, it’s probably the furthest thing from your mind unless it breaks. However, your garage doors make up a significant portion of your home’s overall appearance. Don’t underestimate the value they bring your home!

Enhance Your Curb Appeal

There are several ways you can update your garage door. Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint or new hardware can instantly update a drab garage door. If it can’t be repaired, new garage door installation is a solid investment. They recoup over 95% of the cost in added value to your home. Not to mention the instant boost to your home’s curb appeal.

1) Visual balance

Your front door makes a statement to everyone who comes to your home. It stands to reason that your garage door, which is much larger, should receive the same attention. If you’re happy with your front door, consider letting it set the tone for a new garage door. When you use a similar design for both doors, the two doors complement each other and establish balance.

2) Create contrast

You may think that opting for a beige garage door will make it blend in with your home’s beige exterior. In reality, the door detracts from the overall appearance. Instead of creating harmonious curb appeal, you’re stuck in a sea of beige! Using tasteful contrast creates visual interest and sets your home apart.

3) Add style with details

Adding details to your garage door can elevate the curb appeal. Ornate handles, patterned hinges, or a row of windows really make a statement. Faux finishes can also add interest and detail. For a touch of class, add decorative accessories like potted plants or topiaries to the sides of the garage entrance

4) Consider the color

If the front of your house is just one big garage, you can make it a design feature with color. Most garage doors are available in steel, fiberglass and natural wood that can be stained or painted. Add craftsman charm with warm wood paneled doors, or make a sleek, modern statement with frosted acrylic.

5) Lighting changes everything

Lighting fixtures are an easy, cost-effective way to add beauty and security to your home. Understanding which outdoor lights work best with your home’s style will help you choose the right fixtures. For a warm, cottage feel, opt for vintage-style wall sconces on each side of your garage doors.

Let Your Home Stand Out

Today, the range of garage design and material options is almost endless, which means you can get a door that not only secures your home but enhances its curb appeal. Garage doors last a long time (15-30 years), so it’s important to find something with a timeless design. With both beautiful form and practical function, the possibilities are endless!

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Your Essential Guide to Garage Door Weather Stripping

Your Essential Guide to Garage Door Weather Stripping

Not every problem requires serious garage door repair. Replacing or updating the seal of your garage door is simple and will help in a multitude ways. Weather stripping keeps dirt and debris outside and can conserve energy by keeping cold air out. In an attached garage this can have a big impact on your energy bill. Sealing your garage can also keep rodents and insects from setting up shop behind the lawnmower!

Seal The Deal

Garage door weather stripping is a simple and cost-effective way to protect your property. Whether you need to warm it in the winter or cool it in the summer, sealing your doors is a good place to start. None of these options will last forever, so it’s important to check all seals every year.

Door Seal

Many garage doors come equipped with a rubber seal, which will need to be replaced when it becomes flattened or cracked. It attaches to the bottom of the door in a long strip. When the door closes the rubber compresses and seals your garage.

Threshold Seal

The threshold seal is similar to the door seal except that it attaches to the garage floor, directly under the garage door. It attaches to the garage door with a sealant. It will increase the seal between your garage door and the floor. The biggest drawback is that if you get water in your garage, it will not flow out as easily. However, if you use water on your driveway, this will protect your garage from seepage.

Weather Stripping

Weather stripping goes all the way around your garage door, keeping water and dirt from getting in. This creates a strong seal against the elements, especially when paired with a door or threshold seal.

Check Your Garage Door Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is a small thing that can make a big difference. If you’ve noticed an increase in bugs or small animals in your garage, it may be time to replace your door seals. Conserve energy and get your garage ready for warm weather with new seals.

To learn about weather stripping and all your garage door needs, Contact Us.

Your Garage and Cold Weather: What You Need to Know

Your Garage and Cold Weather: What You Need to Know

Picture this.  You’re bundled up, sitting in your car, ready for work.  You hit the button to open the garage door, but nothing happens.  You hit it again and again but to no avail. What’s the problem?

Don’t Panic

When temperatures drop, you may have several issues with your garage door. Most are easily fixed, but if you’re ever in doubt, call your garage door dealer. Your garage and cold weather might not always get along, and here’s why:

1) Broken Springs

When temperatures drop, it’s not uncommon for metal to crack. The cold weather may have caused the garage door springs to contract and break. It is one of the common reasons that a garage door won’t open in cold weather.  If that happens, then you need to call your garage door dealer.  Replacing the springs is not a project for a beginner and can cause injury if attempted incorrectly.

2) Hardened Grease

Grease buildup can harden in colder weather. If you notice this, you need to remove the buildup using a grease solvent. Use a firm bristle toothbrush to work into cracks. Wipe away solvent, and apply a silicone-based lubricant to the moving parts.

3) Garage Door is Frozen to Floor

When you mix ice or snow with freezing temperatures, there’s always a chance that your garage door can freeze. This is more likely when the bottom of the door is missing a rubber seal or if it’s damaged.  Simply pour some warm water down to loosen the door from the ice.

Preventative Maintenance

Twice per year, deactivate your garage door opener by pulling on the security cord. Raise your garage door.  Is it too heavy? If so, you have just discovered a serious issue. Contact a garage door specialist immediately to fix the problem. You can also help maintain the proper function of your garage door by lubricating the the rollers and spring system. Use motor oil, such as 10W30.

Safety First

Winter weather produces many hazards to watch out for.  Cold temperatures and condensation can wreak havoc on machinery, roads and structures. It’s important to put safety first, especially when it comes to something as large as a garage door.  Contact Us for all your garage door repair needs this winter!

5 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door in 2018

5 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door in 2018

The average garage door takes up almost 1/3 of the front of your home.  It’s usually the first thing people notice when visiting.  Neglecting your garage doors negatively impacts the curb appeal of your home.  Don’t waste the opportunity to enhance your home’s appearance in increase value.  Replace your garage door and you’ll be amazed by the difference it makes!

A Good Investment

There are many reasons to replace your garage door, especially if it’s not operational.  The additional space a garage offers can’t be utilized without a way to get in and out easily.  There are both practical and aesthetic reasons to update the look of your garage.  Here are a few:

1) Enhance Visual Impact

Garage doors are huge, both in size and visual impact.  If your door is old and in disrepair it came make your entire home look dated.  Replacing your garage door can transform the curb appeal of your home.  For a more modern look, consider an industrial metal door with sleek acrylic inserts.  For a classic, low-maintenance option, fiberglass doors can be easily painted to match your home.

2) Increase Home Value

Garage door replacement is one of the best ways to increase home value. Installing a new garage door allows you to recoup an estimated 90% of project costs, making it one of the top home improvement projects for overall return on investment.  Unusable garage doors signal to prospective buyers that other issues may exist within the home. A garage door that opens and closes with ease and has aesthetic appeal is a huge plus to house hunters!

3) Safety

A garage door in need of replacement is a safety hazard.  Old garage doors can often become unbalanced, which increases the risk of them coming off the track. Sensor issues can cause damage to your vehicles and increase the danger to pets and children.  

4) Security

Security should be a big concern, particularly if your garage attaches to your home. A broken garage door provides entry into your space.  If visible from the street this can make you a target. The majority of homeowners in the US use the garage as the main entranceway into their homes. The garage door and opener are vital to the security of the home, protecting the people and property behind it.  

5) Go High Tech

More and more garage doors are going high tech.  Traditional openers are still available, but many systems also utilize your smartphone as an opener. This allows you to open or close the garage doors from anywhere, easing worry if you forget to close it. Many systems also allow you to see when the doors are opened, so you know when family members are coming and going.

The Time is Now

The reasons to replace your garage door far outweigh the reasons not to.  Updating your garage is a great investment and a wonderful way to enhance the curb appeal of your home.  

To talk with a specialist about replacing your garage door, Contact Us.

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