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5 Garage Door Trends for 2018

5 Garage Door Trends for 2018

5 Garage Door Trends for 2018

Thinking about upgrading your garage door? If you have a little money in your home upgrade budget, it’s a great investment. You typically get back most of the cost with the increase in home value it brings. With so many different options available, however, it can be overwhelming figuring out where to even start.

Garage Door Trends: What’s New

The wealth of options available makes it easy to express your personality and style with a new garage door. Sometimes, you just need a little inspiration to get the wheels turning. Get started with the following 5 trends for 2018:

1) Style it With Faux Wood

You may enjoy the rustic look of a wooden garage door, but not necessarily the upkeep it would require. A new garage door with faux wood grain may be just what you’re looking for. It gives you the rustic look of a wooden door with the upkeep ease of steel.

2) Energy Efficient

Proper insulation, sealing, and choice of material all translate to dollars saved in energy expenses over the course of a year. Talk with your garage door company to discuss energy efficient options.

3) Make it Larger

They say everything is bigger in Texas. Well, it’s true when it comes to garage doors. Larger doors and windows are the trending style. At the end of the day, however, it’s a matter of your personal preference.

The wealth of options available makes it easy to express your personality and style with a new garage door.

4) Make a Statement

Many homeowners love to make a statement with their choice in garage doors. If you like to blaze your own trail, don’t copy your neighbors. Go with a Steel Carriage design, bold colors, or fine detail work. Express your own personality and style in your garage door.  

5) Smart Tech

Technology and innovation continue to make many things easier and more convenient in life. This includes your garage door. From keypad entry to mobile control options, opening and closing your garage door has never been easier or safer.

Add a Little Character

Your garage door occupies a considerable portion of your home’s appearance. Use it to your advantage to increase your curb appeal while also making it functional and convenient. While you’re at it,  add a little character!  Let this quick guide to current garage door trends inspire you to find the perfect door for you.

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Your Guide to Garage Door Repair

Your Guide to Garage Door Repair

Garage doors usually aren’t given a second thought until they won’t open!  The expenses of home ownership can add up fast, which is why it can be tempting to try to fix things yourself. While that’s possible for small issues, others should be left to the professionals.

When to DIY and When to Call a Professional

Google is helpful for a lot of reasons.  You can find tutorials to help you fix almost anything. Homeowners easily address many small garage door issues, but some require a professional.  If you’re debating making a repair yourself, be honest about your abilities, time, and level of expertise.  

1) Faulty Garage Door Opener

When the garage door won’t open with the remote or wall switch, it’s most likely a problem with the power source. Check that the motor unit is plugged in.  If it is, check the circuit breaker to see if it’s been tripped.  If other lights or outlets in the garage aren’t operating, this is the likely cause, and you’ll need to reset the breaker or replace the burned-out fuse. Once you’ve tested these sources without succes, it’s possible the garage door opener motor has burned out. This is a problem that will require a professional garage door repairman.

2) Frozen Door

Sometimes a garage door will fail to open in the winter due to ice.  Pouring warm water on the floor along the bottom of the garage door will melt the ice and should free the door.  While a gentle jostling can loosen the door, be sure not to shake it too hard.

3) Old Weather Stripping

Warped, damaged, and old weather stripping can cause a lot of problems. Faulty seals can let water into your garage, cause issues with temperature regulation and create an unintended entrance for pests. Weather stripping is easy to remove and new stripping can be attached with special glue available at your hardware store.  

4) Broken Springs

Broken spring replacement is dangerous because springs are under tension. Without the right tools, knowledge and safety measures, you can lose a finger, or worse! Springs are known to launch themselves through a room when incorrectly removed, which can cause damage or injury. If you spot broken or faulty springs, contact a professional to make the necessary repairs.

5) Sensor Problems

Dirt and cobwebs can build up over time and block the sensor from functioning. Inspect and clean the transmitter and receiver with a towel. While you’re doing that, check the sensor frame on either side of the system. If a frame mount is bent or broken, the light beam may not make it from the transmitter to the receiver. Make sure the sensors are secure, straight and clean.  If you follow these steps and still have sensor issues, contact a professional.

6) Replacing Your Garage Door

Unless you have extensive experience with garage doors, it’s not recommended to attempt to replace your doors.  Doing so requires wiring and installation expertise and should be done by a professional. This is especially true if your doors were structurally damaged (hit with a car, for example) since your garage will need to be inspected for damage.

Garage Door Repair Tips

When assessing a repair, it’s always wise to start with the basics.  Ensure that electric elements are plugged in and receiving power from the breaker.  Make sure they’re clean and free of buildup, and as you cross off possible sources for the problem, you’ll eventually reach a step you don’t know how to complete.  That’s when you should bring in a professional.
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5 Simple Garage Door Ideas to Update Your Home

5 Simple Garage Door Ideas to Update Your Home

Your garage doors can add beauty, function, and safety to your home, but if they’re outdated or in disrepair, they can turn into an eyesore.  Updating your garage doors is a smart investment and one that will last many, many years. Most people don’t put a lot of thought into their garage, but with so many design options, the right one can make your home stand out.

A Big Statement

Like your dishwasher or car, you probably don’t give your garage doors much thought until they break. If they’re newer, a simple repair may be all you need. However, if the doors are old and broken, it’s probably time for a replacement. Letting such a large and visible element sit neglected makes it seem as though the house itself is somewhat in disrepair. Your garage doors make a big statement, so make sure it’s a good one!

1) Carriage Doors

Carriage garage doors are designed to replicate the classic feel of the carriage house doors of the past. Most historic carriage houses had doors that would swing out to open. Today’s carriage garage doors can swing out similarly or can be modernized to open with a garage door opener.

2) Frosted Glass

An aluminum door with frosted glass panels offers a sleek design scheme. This is also great if you frequently use your garage and would like both privacy and natural light. Glass panel doors work best in more modern homes, but can be designed in a variety of other styles.

3) Modern Wood Doors

A huge trend in garage door design is the minimalistic wood door. These can be solid wood, or can pair wood with glass or aluminum.  The resulting aesthetic is modern and simplistic. These doors are an excellent choice for mid-century style homes.  

4) Unique Details

Maybe your garage door is in good shape, but lacks personality. Adding unique elements or finishes can update the look of your door without doing anything drastic.  

5) Barn Doors

These are similar to carriage house doors, but mimic the country-feel of traditional barn doors. Most feature the iconic X, which was originally used to strengthen the door. These can be made to slide sideways on a track, which adds an element of interest.

Garage Door Ideas For Maximum Impact

Choosing the right garage door can complement the look and style of your home. Choosing the wrong design can clash with your home and create an eyesore. Garage doors last a long time, so it’s crucial to carefully consider your options. Make a statement this Spring with these 5 garage door ideas!

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3 Reasons to Consider Garage Door Financing

3 Reasons to Consider Garage Door Financing

If your garage door has been through the wringer, you may be wondering if you should repair or replace it. While a repair is more cost-effective in some instances, you may find you’ll get more bang for your buck with a replacement. A new garage door can boost your home’s curb appeal, enhance the security of your home and improve home value. The price of garage door replacement depends on the material, quality, and the number of garage doors. 

Advantages of Garage Door Financing

Garage door financing is a great solution en lieu of paying a lump sum.  Financing options usually involve putting money down, then paying the rest in installments over 12 months. It eases the burden on homeowners, who are often juggling several home improvement projects at once. A garage door is a fantastic investment, both for the look of your home and the value to it.

1) High return on investment

A new garage door is a solid investment. They recoup over 95% of the cost in added value to your home. When selling your home, it’s a very noticeable element.  A garage door in disrepair can mean the difference between a fast offer or your house sitting on the market.

2) Get the door you want

If you have an outdated or broken garage door, you probably look at it every day and cringe.  A garage door takes up a huge expanse of your house, so make sure you choose something that will last for years to come. A timeless design can have a big impact and can change the way you see your house.

3) Boost curb appeal

Your garage is usually the first thing people see when they visit your home. That first impression can be greatly hindered by a garage door in disrepair. A new garage door does wonders for your home’s curb appeal.

Give Your House New Style

It’s easier than ever to update the look of your home.  A new garage door is within your reach with garage door financing. Don’t let cost keep you from the garage door you really want. Start today!
Woodlands Garage Door offers free financing up to a year on purchases over $1,000 with 1/2 down.  Contact Us for more details.