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Creative Storage Solutions for Your Garage

Creative Storage Solutions for Your Garage

Creative Storage Solutions for Your Garage

Most people work tirelessly at keeping their homes organized and clean, but what about the garage? Is your garage full of yard equipment, tools, and other miscellaneous junk that is taking up space? Are you unable to find space for your car? You aren’t alone. Getting the garage organized is usually avoided and put off by most people.

Creative Storage Solutions

According to studies, 75% of people wish their garages were more organized. The garage can be used for a number of reasons, like a workshop, recreation room, parking spot for your car or just used for additional storage. Before you dive into organization, ensure that your garage is in working order, making garage door repairs if necessary. Click To Tweet Once everything is clean and operable, you can implement some of these easy and creative storage solutions for your garage.


Before you begin any work on your garage, decide on the main goal, what you plan to keep or throw-away, and then stick to your plan. Starting with a game plan will help you better declutter and make your goal happen.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

One of the best ways to utilize your garage space is to take advantage of the walls and vertical space! Add inexpensive shelving to your walls for instant storage. Clear plastic bins can be stacked on these shelves and used to further organize. Bikes can be hung on the walls, or even from the ceiling to open up quite a bit of room.

Peg Tools For Easy Access

Adding peg boards to your walls is the perfect, creative storage solution to help organize your tools and smaller lawn equipment. By having everything hanging in the open, you can easily find what you are looking for or when something is missing from its place.

Storage Cabinets

If you want an upgrade from inexpensive shelving, storage cabinets are another sure way to get your garage organized. Many cabinets come already built, and ready to hang. Storage cabinets help hide everything in your garage because you are able to close their doors, leaving your garage looking tidy and uncluttered.

Overhead Garage Storage

When and if you run out of wall storage, look up! There is plenty of space overhead to use as a creative storage solution! You can create your own sliding, overhead storage space by installing sliders to the ceiling and then slip plastic storage boxes or reinforced fabric totes into the sliders. This is the perfect creative storage idea for items not used very frequently, like holiday decorations, or items no longer used.

Time to Organize

With the terrific spring weather upon us, there is no better time to start organizing your garage space. Now is the time for that garage door tune-up, or reorganization you’ve been putting off. From peg boards to vertical shelving, to overhead sliders, there are numerous creative storage solutions to help you tackle your garage, making everything clean, organized, and simple to find. 

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7 Home Improvement Ideas To Increase Your Home’s Value

7 Home Improvement Ideas To Increase Your Home’s Value

As homeowners, improving your home’s value should always be in mind when upgrading, replacing, and improving things. It is possible to lose money if you choose the wrong remodeling or upgrades on your home. The trick is to learn which home improvements will increase your home’s value and which aren’t worth the time or money. Click To Tweet

Value Adding Home Improvement Ideas

There is no end to the improvements you can make to your home. From freshening up paint to landscaping, or updating fixtures, there is something at every budget to help you boost your home’s value. Here are seven home improvements guaranteed to bring you a profit when it comes time to sell.

1) Replace Your Garage Door

Garage doors are a large part of the visual aspect of your home. If your garage door is old, faded, and an eye-sore, it can be one of the most impactful improvements you make. Not only will a new and upgraded garage door add value to your home, but it increases curb appeal, as well. Garage doors are available in wood, steel, and fiberglass, and come in a variety of colors and styles.

2) Landscaping

Landscaping is another easy way to build curb appeal and add value to your home. And, you don’t have to hire a landscape designer to make a visual impact, either. Trim existing trees and shrubs. Purchase native plants and plant them in decorative containers, adding color and vibrancy. Flowers are also an inexpensive way to add beauty and value. Plant flowers around the mailbox, along with the driveway or in flower boxes. Planting flowers are one of the easiest and cost-effective home improvements to increase your home’s worth.

3) Spruce Up Front Porch

The front of your house is the focal point of what everyone sees. Make a statement by sprucing up your front porch with some fresh paint and decorative planters with flowers. Update the rusty light fixtures, install fancy house numbers, and change our that outdated door handle to help define and enhance your home’s overall look.

4) Update Front Door

Much like the garage door, the front door adds both curb appeal and value to your home. Nothing has proven a better investment return than a new front door. Older front doors are also a source of energy loss, so replacing an old door improves energy efficiency–another attractive feature for future buyers.

5) Replace Siding

Homebuyers immediately notice whether your siding and exterior has flaws and it could hinder sales. Fresh paint or siding on your house gives your home an instant facelift: refreshing and transforming your home. Periodic maintenance is the surest way to keep your home looking its best.

6) Swap Carpet With Hard Surface Flooring

Nothing turns off a buyer more than knowing they will have to replace the floors once they move in. If your carpets and area rugs are faded and old, it is time to get rid of them. And when thinking about what to use when replacing them–hard-surface flooring is the way to go. There are a variety of available hard surface floorings, like tile, hardwood planks, laminates and more.

7) Repair & Refinish Driveway

A perfect driveway certainly adds curb appeal and value to your home, but you don’t have to get an entirely new driveway to get it looking great. Cracks can be repaired and weeds can be removed. Adding a border to your driveway also gives it an elegant and crisp look. You can edge it with stones, flowers, bricks, or other pavers.

Add Value to Your Home

All homeowners want to make the best decisions when deciding which home improvements to do to get the best return. From replacing and upgrading the garage door, to adding flowers to the landscaping, the above suggestions are just a few ways to add curb appeal and increase home values.

To learn more about which home improvements increase the value of your home and how to achieve these improvements, Contact Us.

Is Your Garage Door Stuck? Here’s What to Do.

Is Your Garage Door Stuck? Here’s What to Do.

Even with proper maintenance, garage doors can get stuck. This can create a security risk, as well as an unwanted hassle. A proper assessment will steer you to your next step in deciding what to do to fix your garage door, whether it is stuck halfway open, or won’t open at all.

When Your Garage Door Sticks

When the garage door becomes jammed, an inspection of several parts is in order. Here are six different variables to consider when dealing with a garage door that won’t move.

1) Check the Opener

First off, you need to determine whether the garage door is malfunctioning, or if it is the garage door opener causing the issues. To check, close the garage door completely, then pull the emergency release cord to disengage the opener trolley. Try to open the garage door by hand. If it completely opens smoothly, the problem is with the opener–not the door. If the garage door still only opens halfway, the problem is the door.

2) Test the Sensors

With the endless use of your garage door, it is no wonder that the sensors can become dirty or even knocked around. The sensors need to remain aligned and dust-free in order to remain working well. To start, try dusting off any debris from the sensors and see if the garage door works. If not, verify the wiring between the sensor and the door. To do this, check the LED light and see what color it is. If the green LED on the sensor is off, dim, or flickering, alignment is required.

3) Consider the Weather

The weather also plays a role in how well your garage door works. If your garage door is acting up when the weather is changing, you need to adjust the pressure on the opener. Most openers have a force-adjustment mechanism which controls the force that is used to operate the door. If you feel this is the cause of your garage door being stuck, it is best to let professionals assist you in adjusting the opener’s pressure.

4) Inspect the Tracks

Investigate the track, door rollers, hinges, and other hardware for signs of blockage and or damage that causes the garage door to get hung up. Lubricate the tracks with a silicone oil or spray and attempt to lift the door slowly. Watch closely to see if there is any obstructions that are causing it to become stuck or propelling it into reverse. Anything that protrudes in the pathway can make a garage door become stuck.

5) Don’t Get Disconnected

Every garage door comes with a disconnect cord, switch, or knob that allows you to work on the door manually. Occasionally, this switch can be accidentally turned off and the motor becomes disconnected. Double check that your motor is connected.

6) Visually Check the Springs

Always check your springs if your garage door is not working. At times, these springs break and need repair. There are two types of springs used. The torsion spring is located horizontally, at the top of the door. Check for a gap in between the springs to see if they are broken. If your springs run alongside your garage door, these are extension springs. Look and see if any piece of the spring is broken and hanging. If your springs are broken, contact a professional to have them replaced. Replacing springs on your own is a dangerous process and should not be done.

After You Inspect

Garage doors make life easier but can cause frustrations when not properly working. Inspect these common garage door issues and then determine whether you are able to fix the problem or if you need a professional to assist you. Click To Tweet Blockages and unaligned sensors are easy to fix on your own, but other issues, like repairing springs and adjusting the pressure-mechanisms, need to be taken care of by professionals.

To learn more about what to do when your garage door gets stuck and how to fix it, Contact Us.

Garage Security Tips for a Safe Home

Garage Security Tips for a Safe Home

Your garage is an extension of your home and should be treated accordingly.  You would never leave your front door open, yet many people leave their garages open for hours, even days. This presents a vulnerability that the wrong person could exploit. Click To Tweet

Think Like a Thief: Garage Security Tips

If you haven’t given much thought to garage security, try a little experiment. Go outside and try to get into your garage.  Can you manually open the door? If you keep an opener in your car, is your car locked?  If you can get in, chances are bad people can too.

1) Keep Up Maintenance

Although the temptation to save money by skipping garage door repairs or maintenance can be strong, resist the urge! Foregoing repairs can provide thieves with a way in and can risk the safety of your family with faulty wiring or springs.

2) Phone or Keychain Access

Most people store their garage door opener in their vehicles, but if you don’t always park in the garage, that presents a vulnerability. If your garage connects to your home, then think of your garage door opener as a house key.  Don’t leave it in your vehicle or anywhere else it could be easily taken. New technology offers openers via smartphone apps or on small keychains.

3) Lock Inner Doors

If you have a door leading from your garage into your home, that doors should be kept as secure as your front door. It should remain locked at all times, even when the garage door is shut.

4) Secure Garage Door While Away

Even automatic garage doors can be manually opened if you know how. If you’re planning time away from home, secure your garage door.  You can either do so with a padlock or by engaging the lock feature of your automatic door.

5) Don’t Leave Your Garage Door Open

While this seems like a no-brainer, people frequently leave their garage doors open. On hot summer days when you might be going in and out, it can be tempting just to leave it open. This allows people to see exactly what you keep in your garage and if you’re not paying attention someone could easily walk in and take something.  

Peace of Mind

If’ you’ve ever heard a strange noise at night, then you’ve felt the fear that can set in.  Knowing that your garage door is secure and inner doors are locked provides peace of mind.  Even when you’re away, knowing that your home is secure is one less thing to worry about!

To improve the security of your garage, Contact Us.

5 Spring Cleaning Ideas to Spruce up Your Garage

5 Spring Cleaning Ideas to Spruce up Your Garage

Spring is in the air!  The birds are chirping and the buds of new growth are peeking through the soil. Now that it’s warm enough to go outside, you might be ready to start spring cleaning. A thorough cleaning can help to organize and declutter your garage space, which often becomes a dumping ground for junk.

Getting Organized

Can you pull your car into the garage right now?  If not, you’re not alone. Many homeowners use their garage to store outdoor tools, toys, and decorations. If you’re ready to park in your garage again, follow these 5 steps:

1) Declutter

One of the most rewarding parts of spring cleaning is getting rid of all the clutter. A good rule of thumb when debating keeping an item is to ask yourself if you’ve used it in the last year. If not, it’s probably safe to get rid of it. As you sort through things your no longer need, divide items into two piles. One pile for a garage sale and one for trash. Whatever doesn’t sell at a garage sale can be donated.

2) Clean

Put a little elbow grease in and get your garage into mint condition. Remove grease stains with solvent from the hardware store, clear out cobwebs, and wipe down shelving. If you use part of your garage for storage, make sure all boxes are in good condition and clear of debris.

3) Make Improvements

Once you’ve cleaned, take stock of things that need to be improved. If you store things in cardboard boxes, consider switching to plastic. This will protect your things from moisture and insects. If your shelving has seen better days, consider updating to a more functional design. Take stock of broken tools, ladders, or lawn equipment. If it can be repaired, take it in. If not, it may be time to replace it. What about your garage floor? Repair chips and consider painting it with oil-resistant paint or surfacing specially made for garages. 

4) Reorganize

Now that repairs have been made and your space is clean, it’s time to reorganize. Keep in mind what you use your garage for. Is everything you use regularly accessible?  Are items on your shelves organized in a way that’s easy to see and reach?  If not, organize your things in a way that’s convenient for you.

5) Add Value

You add value to your garage just by cleaning it, but to maximize value, you may want to make bigger changes. Is your garage door fully functional? Do breaks require damaged panel repair?  Does the opener work? With your garage clean and organized, you might actually be able to pull both cars into the garage!  Take advantage of this newly available space by repairing or replacing your doors. Such improvements see a return rate of more than 90%, making it an incredibly smart investment.

A Garage to Be Proud of

Your garage is an extension of your home, and its condition makes a big impact, whether the garage doors are open or closed. An organized garage with a beautiful and functional door makes your entire home seem newer.

To learn more about the right door options to maximize your garage, Contact Us.