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7 Summer Home Maintenance Tips and Tricks

7 Summer Home Maintenance Tips and Tricks

7 Summer Home Maintenance Tips and Tricks

With each new season comes a new set of chores to keep your home in tip-top shape. The harsh winter months tend to keep us inside, often neglecting our home maintenance duties. Now with the warmer weather and summer upon us, there is no better time to tackle home maintenance tasks. Click To Tweet

Summer Home Maintenance

Once the weather turns warm, we all know the obvious housework that needs to be done. Cleaning up the yard and decluttering closets are high on the list, but the summertime is also the ideal time to go through and check up on some less common issues that can arise with owning a home. Here are seven things to check this summer to make sure your home is looking and running it’s best:

1) Inspect Your Air Conditioner

Make sure to get your air conditioner ready for its busiest time of the year. Replace and clean air conditioning filters, as well as the air conditioning fan, too. It is also a good idea to have your unit inspected and serviced once a year, according to Angie’s List. Regularly serviced air conditioners have much lower incidences of breaking down–saving you time and money–keeping you cool all summer long.

2) Wash Those Windows

Summer is a super time to wash your windows–inside and out! With the sun shining, you can easily see and remove all the grime that has built up all winter. Simply fill a bucket with some soapy water and scrub to get them squeaky clean and shining. If you have screens on your windows, remove the screens and clean those with soapy water, as well.  

3) Roof Check

We encounter lots of storms in the fall and winter months, which might have left your roof with wear and tear. Make sure to do a roof check for loose shingles or any other damage. Be careful when using a ladder or getting on the roof. An annual inspection should be done to ensure you don’t have any problems like leaks, water or hail damage.

4) Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning your gutters is necessary at preventing clogs and leaks. It is recommended that you clean out your gutters twice a year to keep them clear and moving. The best times to clean your gutters is early winter, after all the leaves have fallen, and early summer; after all the flowers, pollen and blossoms are finished blooming.

5) Pressure Wash

For a simple way to get your whole home looking clean and bright is to pressure wash! You can pressure wash your exterior walls, driveway, patio, and walkways. Pressure washing removes dirt, stains, and mildew and keeps your house looking fresh. Prior to washing, make sure to cover any electrical outlets to prevent injury or electrocution.

6) Garage Door Inspection

Summer is also a perfect time to check up on your garage door. Check for damaged panels, cable issues or broken garage door springs. Change out the batteries in your garage door opener. It is highly recommended you contact a reputable garage door repair service company for garage door repairs and installations.

7) Check Your Detectors

According to Consumer Reports, smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries need to be changed out twice a year. The beginning of summer and then again in early winter are perfect times to change the batteries and test your detectors to  make sure they continue working properly.

Summer Maintenance Tips

Your home is your investment and by making sure you follow these tips for summer maintenance,  you can keep your home looking terrific all year long!

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Top Garage Sale Tips and Tricks

Top Garage Sale Tips and Tricks

Spring is here and what better time to clean out those closets, garage and the rest of your home? Instead of hauling away the things you are discarding, have a garage sale! Not only do you clear out the clutter, but you can make extra money, too. Having a garage sale does take time and work, and it can be frustrating if you aren’t prepared. With our garage sale tips and tricks, you can avoid headaches and have a successful garage sale.

Get a Garage Sale Plan

After spring cleaning, a garage sale can be a great way to purge, and make a little extra income, too. You can keep the money, or donate it to an organization of your choosing. A well-planned garage sale will net you more money, take less time, and certainly cause you less stress Click To Tweet. Make sure to follow these garage sale tips to ensure your garage sale goes off without a hitch.

Set the Scene

Make it look nice. People don’t want to browse in a dingy, dark garage. Clean up the garage and have it well organized. Make sure there is proper lighting so people can see what you are selling. Sort and sell items that are alike together. Divide your items into categories for easier searching, such as books, clothes, lawn equipment, and home goods. Themed garage sales are also popular and might end up getting more people stopping by to shop.

Multi-Family Sale

The more families involved, the more items you have to sell, and the more hands you have to help! It’s a good idea to team up with neighbors or family and work together for the biggest and best garage sale on the block. WIth multiple families involved, you can take turns working the sale. Most people find luck having garage sales on Fridays and Saturday mornings.


Don’t just set up your garage sale and wait for people to show up! You need to advertise! Put up fliers a few days before to let people in the neighborhood know about your garage sale. Place an ad in your local newspaper, or online. Many of these options are free and can bring a lot of people to your sale.

Put up Signs

Yard signs are a must to help attract buyers to your garage sale. Make sure your signs are large and easy to read by passersby. Don’t forget to add directional arrows to your sign to help people find your house. Check first with your neighborhood to make sure putting up signs is acceptable and allowed. It is best to put signs up the night before so people can know there will be a sale.

Price Items

It takes time, but make sure all items are properly priced before you open your garage sale to the public. You don’t even need to invest in pricing stickers, just use some tape and a permanent marker to mark your items. Do not assume everyone wants to haggle. Price items at a fair price you are willing to accept. You can always change your prices if things aren’t moving.

Make it Feel Like a Store

People don’t like to shop when things are disorganized or disheveled. Make your garage sale feel like a store and people will be more apt to buy. Utilize shelves and tables and keep your sale items as organized as possible. Try to keep items on tables or higher displays. Most people do not want to stoop down to browse on the ground. Hang clothes on racks and not just tossed in a pile.

A Fresh Start

One of the best things about a garage sale (besides the extra cash) is that your junk is gone! Now, you have ample space in your garage and have a chance to freshen it up and reorganize it! Maybe use the money you made on a new garage door or repaint the walls and install new shelving. Many garage door technicians offer spring specials, making Spring the best time for a fresh start!

Garage Sale Tips

With proper planning, advertising, and setting up, your garage sale is certain to be a success. Don’t forget to have plenty of change available for buyers and maybe even have bottled water or donuts to sell to shoppers. Have fun and make your garage sale a party! Add music and make people feel comfortable and welcome to be there.

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What to Look For When Choosing a Garage Door Professional

What to Look For When Choosing a Garage Door Professional

Garage doors don’t last forever, and there are times you might need to call a professional to do repairs or even upgrade it. Like all service companies, garage door technicians are trying to get your business. So, how do you know what to look for when choosing a garage door professional? How can you guarantee you are getting the quality work and care you deserve?

Choosing a Garage Door Professional

Choosing a high-quality professional to work on your garage door shouldn’t be a struggle. By following these tips, you are sure to find someone you can trust to perform at a high level from the start of the project through to the end.

Check References & Reviews

One of the top ways to make sure you are hiring a quality garage door professional is to check references and read reviews. With all the information and sites dedicated to reviewing companies, it should be easy to find information about garage door service in your area. Check out a few companies and see how they compare. Ask for a list of recent customers from the company. Contact these previous customers and ask about the companies customer service, as well as installation or repair service experience.

Don’t Choose Solely on Price

Price isn’t always a factor of quality. Home improvement comes at a cost, but don’t choose a garage door professional just because they are the lowest–or the highest price–out there. What companies charge is also not indicative of the quality of work they do, or the trustworthiness of the business. Get price quotes from multiple companies, and refer to reviews and recommendations, as they're a terrific way to find a door installer or garage repair professional. Click To Tweet

Get an In-Person Quote

Getting an in-person quote is the best way to get a correct price. Your garage door professional will be able to give you the precise price for your garage repair or replacement. Having the company come out you can discuss what options you have, get correct measurements and check out the entire situation and what needs to be done. Maybe getting a new insulated garage door is right for you? Or perhaps you only need a broken spring replacement? This is also a perfect time to verify any offers of coupons to see if they will be accepted.  

Upgrade Your Opener

When upgrading or having repairs done to your overhead garage door, it is also the perfect time for a garage door opener installation, too. Replacing your opener at the same time will save time and frustrations later down the road. Garage door openers–just like the doors–do not last indefinitely and will eventually need replacing. Ask the company if they offer a package deal on the garage door and garage door opener.

Consider a Warranty

When it comes to your home and your garage door, it is best to opt for a warranty. Make sure your garage door professional offers a warranty on the product, as well as the garage door installation, or repair. Even if the warranty costs extra, it is a wise investment and can save you from issues in the future.

The Value of a High-Quality Garage Door

Your garage door is one of the first things you and others see when pulling up to your home. Choosing a high-quality garage door will give you years of use and enjoyment. By following these top tips when choosing your garage door professional, you are certain to be happy with your service and your newly repaired garage door.

To learn more about choosing a garage door professional for your garage door replacement or repair, Contact Us.

5 Easy Ways to Update Your Garage

5 Easy Ways to Update Your Garage

Your garage is a major part of your home, and there is no reason it shouldn’t be as spectacular as the rest of your house. For many, the garage remains the same from the time you initially move in, until it’s time to move out. The garage tends to be neglected and one of the last rooms we think about when making changes to the decor or making updates to the house. Upgrading your garage can not only add space and make it feel more welcoming but also adds value when looking to re-sell. Click To Tweet

Update Your Garage This Weekend

With the wonderful spring weather, there is no better time to spend a weekend updating your garage. Here are five easy ways to update your garage this weekend!

1) Purge Junk

Garages can quickly become a catch-all for all sorts of junk and infrequently used items. By purging the junk, and using storage on the walls and in cabinets, keep only what is necessary. If you haven’t used it in years, there is a high likelihood that you won’t use it again, so stop holding on to pointless rubbish and just get rid of it! If you have items you don’t want to throw away, maybe have a garage sale or donate those unwanted items.

2) Built-In Storage

After you have purged the junk–it needs to be organized. Organization is the key to keeping your garage useable and clean. Adding built-in storage cabinets or shelves can help get all that clutter out of view. Holiday decorations, equipment, and other things that take up space can be put away out of view. Adding labels to the outside of the cabinets or onto storage boxes will help you easily locate items when needed again.

3) Refinish the Floor

Refinishing the garage floor is an obvious choice for updating your garage. There are a number of options for creating the perfect floor. You can choose between floor covers, garage tiles or epoxy paint, to name a few. If you have a car that is known to leak oil, make sure to put down a surface that is cleanable, or pick up an oil leak mat to prevent stains.

4) Paint

A fresh coat of paint freshens up any room–but especially the garage! The best way to accomplish this task is to remove everything from the garage and paint all the walls (and the floor if you are doing that, too) at one time. By emptying the garage, you have time to get rid of unwanted things and begin your organizing while the paint dries.

5) Replace or Repair Garage Doors

Nothing looks better than a new or refurbished garage door. The garage door is one of the first things you (and others) see when pulling up to the house. It is important for your garage door to make a good impression. You can completely replace it, or if it’s damaged, you can get garage door repair services. Either way, updating your garage door will add aesthetic and monetary value to your home.

Update Your Garage

When you update your garage, you are getting the most value from your home. By organizing it, getting rid of junk and clutter, and keeping it up-to-date with a new coat of paint, you are much more likely to use it and also add to your home’s appeal. While the above updates can be accomplished in just a weekend, their effects will last for years.
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