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What to do When Faced With Garage Door Damage

What to do When Faced With Garage Door Damage

What to do When Faced With Garage Door Damage

Just like anything in your home, sometimes your garage door might end up damaged. And, depending on where your garage door is located, the garage door damage might have a negative impact on your curb appeal, as well as cause some operational frustrations when trying to use the garage. It is important to know what the proper steps are when you find yourself faced with garage door damage. Click To Tweet

Your Garage Door Won’t Work. Now What?

There are a number of issues that can arise with your garage door, and knowing the steps to take to get it fixed is important. Here are some great tips on what to do next time you are faced with garage door damage.

Assess the Damage

Before you do anything, you need to assess the damage and see if you know what the problem is. Check all the parts of the system. Are cables properly aligned? Are the rollers on their racks? Do you hear any loud noises? Write down all the issues you come across to share with a professional.

Common Reasons for Damage

There are numerous reasons your garage door doesn’t work or has become damaged. Here are some of the most common reasons for damage:

  • Batteries in the transmitter are dead
  • Your photo-eye is out of alignment
  • The track is not properly aligned
  • Transmitter malfunction
  • Something is blocking the door’s path
  • Springs are broken
  • Limit settings are not properly set
  • The disconnect switch was enabled
  • The garage door was manually locked
  • Tension springs or cables have broken

Call a Professional Garage Repair Technician

Once you have completed an initial assessment of the garage door damage, it is time to call a professional garage repair technician for repairs. They can better assess what needs to be fixed and can get it done.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Depending on the damage, it is a good idea to contact your home insurance provider to see if they will cover the costs of the repair. If your repair cost does not meet the deductible, however, you may end up paying for it out of pocket.

Facing Garage Door Damage

There may come a day when you head out to the garage and your garage door won’t work. By following the above tips of assessing the damage, contacting a professional garage door repair team and contacting your insurance company, you will be on the right track to getting your garage door back to working in no time.

To learn more about what you need to do the next time you are faced with garage door damage, Contact Us.

7 Steps to a Kid-Friendly Home

7 Steps to a Kid-Friendly Home

Is your home prim and proper and put together for adults only? Do you have trendy, high priced pieces decorating your home and are trying to figure out the best way to make your living space more kid-friendly? Most homes are not designed with kids in mind, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make simple changes with little ones in mind. Click To Tweet

Making Your Home Kid Friendly

You don’t have to neglect fashion or function to have a nice family-friendly home. Kids need to feel relaxed and comfortable in their living space, too, so follow these seven top tips for making your home kid friendly!

1) Create a Reading Nook

Kids tend to be busy and full of energy, but little ones need downtime, just as adults do. Creating a comfy nook where they can take some time to read is a perfect way to create a kid-friendly space in your home. Find a neglected corner and place some oversized pillows and a bookshelf for the perfect book nook that they will love spending time in.

2) Double Duty Furniture

Finding and using furniture that can do double duty will help keep clutter down and give you and your family more space to spend time together. Look for tables with built-in storage or beds with shelves built in. Families and children tend to accumulate a lot of toys and items and this extra storage will keep it out of the way.

3) Kid Friendly Walls

Make your home kid-friendly by exhibiting your child’s artwork on your walls! Kids love crafts, and they will absolutely adore the thought that their masterpiece will be up for everyone’s viewing!

4) Encourage Outdoor Play

Setting up an outdoor play area makes your home kid friendly and gets your children outside and in the fresh air! Build a fort or put in a swing set for your children and their friends to play in when the weather is nice. Not only will it give your child the perfect place to play, but it will help them get some exercise, too!

5) A Safe Garage

For a kid-friendly home, make sure that your garage is neat and tidy and there aren’t harmful chemicals or other dangers around. Be sure to have your garage door repaired if it has been neglected. Or, if you don’t use the entire garage, you can turn part of it into a kid’s playroom! An insulated garage door will keep the noise in and not bother your neighbors when they are playing in the evenings or early mornings.

6) Make it Reachable

Houses are built for adults and kids can have a difficult time reaching their towels, their drink on the table and other things out of their reach. Make things your child needs reachable to make your home kid-friendly. Lower the towel hooks in the bathroom, and have step stools around for them if needed. Have a small, kid-sized table for them to do crafts at or even eat lunch.

7) Stain Proof

Kids are messy and sometimes they spill stuff. Sometimes they draw on walls or traipse mud onto the floor after playing outside. Using stain-proof paints on your walls and washable rugs on the floor are great ways to cut down on cleaning and ensuring that there won’t be permanent doodlings on the kitchen walls.

Enjoying Your Kid-Friendly Home

There is a way to make your home fashionable, as well as kid-friendly when you consider what your little one needs. By making some simple changes like using stain-proof paint, making sure your garage is safe, helping kids reach items they use often, and adding special places like a book nook in your home are just a few ways to make your home kid-friendly.

To learn more ways you can make your home kid-friendly, Contact Us.

How to Change the Look Of Your Home Without a Complete Renovation

How to Change the Look Of Your Home Without a Complete Renovation

There comes a time when every home could use a little updating. If your home is still stuck with decor from ten (or even twenty) years ago, it is time to change the look of your home! You don’t need a complete renovation to get a new home style.

Change the Look of Your Home

Home renovation costs can get quite steep, but it doesn’t have to. There are plenty of easy ways to change the look of your home without a complete renovation. Click To Tweet Here are five simple and cost-effective was to freshen up your home in no time.

Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint will make your home feel refreshed and modern. Paint improves the look of not only your walls but get creative and put fresh paint on your cabinets and built-in fixtures to enliven your living space.

Upgrade Your Lighting & Ceiling Fans

Hanging new lighting and ceiling fans gives your home an instant makeover. Throw out those old brass and wood ceiling fans popular when you first purchased your home, and replace them with accent lights, floor lamps, and more modern ceiling fans.

Update Window Treatments

If your windows are bare, or your curtains haven’t been updated in a while, you can change the look of your home with new window treatments. Go for a new look with some bold, bright colors, or maybe set a style of simplicity with some bamboo shades. There are so many options available these days that the choices are endless.

Improve Your Landscaping

When wanting to change the look of your home, don’t forget the exterior! Improving your landscaping will help elevate the look of your house, add color, and curb appeal. Add some plants in decorative planters, or put in some raised beds for eye-popping flowers.

New Garage Door

Having a new garage door installation is another amazing way to update the look of an outdated house. A new garage door adds beauty and comes in many different materials and designs. Choose from a variety of garage doors such as traditional steel or faux wood-grain, or maybe choose a garage door with windows this time. A new garage door boosts curb appeal and the value of your home.

Easy Home Improvements

With simple changes like putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls, updating window and lights, and getting a new garage door accented by your new landscaping, you will change the look of your house without expensive renovations!

To learn more about how to change the look of your home without a complete renovation, Contact Us.

Don’t Ignore These Top Garage Door Problems

Don’t Ignore These Top Garage Door Problems

Just like anything, there are times your garage door might need repairs–especially if you have an older home or have neglected maintenance on it. Many homeowners will put off nagging problems for as long as they can, but that isn’t a great idea and can cause further issues if not taken care of. A small garage door problem may have an easy fix, but let it go for too long and it could cost you! Click To Tweet

Pay Attention to Garage Door Problems

It is extremely important to pay attention to your garage door and not delay the inevitable repair. Here are the top five garage doors you should not ignore and why it is important to have your garage door problem fixed sooner rather than later.

1) Squeaks & Squeals

If you hear intense squeaks and squeals from your garage door, it is best to have it checked out.

2) Door Won’t Close or Open All the Way

Another reason you need to call a garage door professional to check on your garage door is if it isn’t opening or closing all the way.

3) Bent or Broken Panels

Make sure to call a professional garage door service if you have bent or broken panels in your garage door.

4) Missing or Broken Springs

Missing or broken garage door springs can cause serious issues and even injuries if it is not properly repaired and will prevent your garage door from operating correctly.

5) Stuck in the Middle

If your garage door becomes stuck in the middle and the door won’t open or close, it is time to call a garage door professional.

If Your Ignore Your Garage Door Problems

Your garage cannot fix itself, and it is up to you to listen and pay attention to the sounds and issues involved with your garage door. If you ignore these problems, your garage door issues are more likely to worsen over time. Here are a few reasons why you should not avoid or ignore the above garage door issues:

  • You will end up with a bigger garage door repair bill- If you let the problem go, it could worsen, causing you to fork out more money.
  • Creates an insecure entrance to your home- If your garage is not working well, it can leave your house vulnerable and open for unwanted visitors. 
  • Lose insulation and climate control- Your broken garage door works similar to an open window, and can damage things kept in the garage with intense heat or weather. 
  • Safety and injury issues– A broken garage door can be dangerous–especially to young children or pets. Keep your family safe by having your garage door fixed as soon as you realize there is an issue.

Paying Attention to Garage Door Problems

Every time you are using your garage door, pay attention to the sounds and do an inspection of the parts at least twice a year for cracks, warping, or holes. Don’t wait until your garage door completely fails–contact a professional to help with your garage door problems as soon as you notice something is wrong.

To learn more about the top garage door problems you shouldn’t ignore, Contact Us.