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Happy New Year from Woodlands Garage!

Happy New Year from Woodlands Garage!

Happy New Year from Woodlands Garage!

Wow! 2018 has zipped by in the blink of an eye! This is the time of the year we pause and reflect, analyze the year behind us and look ahead with great anticipation for the year to come. We consider what went well and look for opportunities for growth. Now that 2018 is behind us, let's review the year with Woodlands Garage Door. Click To Tweet

Professional Garage Door Service

The Woodlands Garage Door Service is a local garage door repair and service company that has served The Woodlands community for over 35 years. We are committed to providing you with prompt and reliable services. Our professional garage door technicians are highly skilled and will give you a prompt response to your call, timely project completion, and hassle-free repairs. We strive to provide high-quality services that will last a long time, giving you peace of mind through everyday wear and tear.

What to Look for When Hiring a Garage Door Professional

Increasing Curb Appeal and Home Values

Your garage door is one of the first things people see when they pull up to your house. If your garage door is boring and outdated, it’s time to upgrade to some modern garage doors. Not only will it boost your home’s value and curb appeal, but it will maximize comfort, help conserve energy, and give your home a new, modern look.

Updating Your Home with Modern Garage Doors

Keeping Your Family and Home Safe

If you haven’t given much thought to garage security, try a little experiment. Go outside and try to get into your garage.  Can you manually open the door? If you keep an opener in your car, is your car locked? If you can get in–chances are bad people can too. Knowing that your garage door is secure and inner doors are locked provides peace of mind.  Even when you’re away, knowing that your home is secure is one less thing to worry about!

Garage Security Tips for a Safe Home

Moving Forward to the New Year

The Woodlands Garage Door Service is a one-stop-shop for all of your needs! It has been our honor and pleasure to serve your garage door service needs in 2018. We are excited for all 2019 will bring! From all of us at Woodlands Garage, we hope you have a safe and happy New Year!

5 Garage Cleanup Tips to Help You Get Organized

5 Garage Cleanup Tips to Help You Get Organized

We all know that garages aren’t just for parking a car. Most the time garages become catch-alls for things we don’t use too often or are used outside of the home, like yard equipment, tools, bikes, and cleaning chemicals. But, this doesn’t mean your garage shouldn’t be organized. In fact, with all the stuff we collect and keep in the garage–it needs to be organized! If it’s frustrating to find anything in (or just walk through) your garage, get organized with these 5 garage cleanup tips. Click To Tweet

Get Organized with a Garage Cleanup

If you give yourself a day or two, you can get your garage cleaned up and organized, and make it a clutter-free place to keep your stuff and park your car. If you feel overwhelmed and are unsure where to begin, here are five easy ways to get started with your garage cleanup.

  1. Make a Plan
  2. Throw It Out
  3. Deep Clean
  4. Add Storage
  5. Find a Home

1) Make a Plan

You can wind up frustrated and giving up if you venture into your garage cleanup without a plan. Having a plan of action and organization can help you succeed in your garage organization undertaking. Consider what you plan to use your garage space for. Are you an avid gardener? Do you need an area for a workshop to store tools? Keep this in mind so you can create an organized and functional garage

2) Throw It Out

Be honest to yourself and if you haven’t used something in a year–throw it out. It is only taking up space and collecting dust. You can also consider itemizing things to store them into “regularly used”, “annually used”, and “sentimental storage” areas so you can access them only when and if needed.

3) Deep Clean

Now that you have made your plan and thrown away unneeded items, give your garage a deep cleaning. Start at the back of the garage and clean outwards. Wash the garage door and floor, and if needed, spruce them up with a fresh coat of paint. Check light fixtures, and give the entire garage a good wipedown.

4) Add Storage

If you don’t already have garage storage in place, it is a good idea to add some. Pegboards, vertical shelving, and ceiling storage are all great options for getting your garage organized. Don’t forget to add an area for your recycling bins and bicycles, too!

5) Find a Home

With your new added storage, it’s time to find a home for all your things. Remember to itemize and keep things together that go together. Create sections in your garage for various things and then label boxes, bins, and anything else that is helping keep it all organized. Create a section for pool stuff, kids sports equipment, workshop tools, and gardening.

ProTip: To get and keep your garage organized, create homes for everything and make sure to always return your stuff where it belongs.

Keep Your Garage Clean and Organized

Once you get through the initial garage cleanup, it’s easy to keep your garage organized. Make sure everyone in the family knows where everything is and make sure they know they are a part of keeping the garage organized and clean. Keep up on scheduled cleaning of your garage every few months so it doesn’t get out of hand again.

Contact us to learn more ways to tidy up your garage and get organized.

Your Guide to Choosing the Best Garage Color

Your Guide to Choosing the Best Garage Color

Is your garage neglected and hasn’t been painted in years? Is your existing paint peeling and chipping? If so, it’s time to get painting! The color of your home (and garage color) plays a large role in not only your home’s aesthetics but also your home’s value and curb appeal, too. The color of your garage can either enhance your home's appearance or hurt it. Which is yours doing? Click To Tweet

Do’s and Don’ts of Garage Color

You might not realize it, but the color you choose for your garage does matter. Before you commit to just any old color, take these do’s and don’ts of garage color into consideration to make sure your new garage compliments the rest of your house.

Color Coordinate

Your garage doesn’t necessarily have to match the color of your house, it does need to compliment it. When in doubt neutral colors, such as white, sand, taupe, and light gray usually always look attractive.

Trendy Garage Colors

Don’t go crazy with some bright and trendy colors for your garage-especially the garage door. You might like a bright teal green now, but in two years time will you wish you had chosen a different color? Most likely. Keep in mind that over-the-top colors usually have a negative effect on home values and curb appeal.

Garage Flooring

When you are updating your garage, don’t forget the floor! A fresh floor coating will make your garage look beautiful. There are a variety of garage flooring products on the market these days, like epoxy coating or cement stain, just to name a few.

Garage Walls

Your garage walls need some love, too. Even if your garage is closed most the time, it is important to put a fresh coat of paint on your garage walls every so often. Paint your walls before you work on the floors and make sure to choose a color that will coordinate well with the floor color.

Garage Door Colors

The color of your garage doors is the most important thing to consider when upgrading and painting your garage. When choosing a color, decide whether you want your fresh paint to highlight or hide your garage door. If your garage door is outdated or looks shabby, this is also the perfect time to invest in a new garage door.

Finding Inspiration for a New Garage Color

Before you get painting your garage, search around the internet or take a drive in your neighborhood to find some inspiration for a new garage color. And, remember–don’t go with the current trends today–find a color scheme that will last over the years and add value to your home.

Contact us to learn how to best choose the right garage color for your home.

How to Get Your Garage Ready For Cold Weather

How to Get Your Garage Ready For Cold Weather

Summer is coming to an end and it’s important to start thinking about getting your garage ready for cold weather. The colder weather can take a toll on your garage door and parts and making sure you properly prepare will help your garage door last longer and also keep the frigid temps where they belong–outside. Cold weather can wreak havoc on a garage. Is yours ready for winter? Click To Tweet

Cold Weather and Your Garage

There are a number of chores you need to be doing to get your home ready for the winter weather and getting your garage ready is one of them. Here are five tips that will help you winterize your garage.

  1. Swap Out Tools
  2. Insulate Pipes
  3. Drain Fuel
  4. Replace Weather Stripping
  5. Insulate the Garage

1) Swap Out Tools

Now is the perfect time to take inventory of what’s in your garage and assess what you will be using throughout the colder months. Get organized and put away your summer-time and warm weather tools and pull out the ones you will use through the winter.

2) Insulate Pipes

If you have any pipes coming in and through your garage, make sure you properly insulate them to prevent them from freezing (or possibly bursting). Doing it now will keep from doing it shivering in the cold later on.

3) Drain the Fuel

It’s important to drain the fuel from your lawn mower, or any other lawn equipment you won’t be using during the winter months. Not only will drain these fluids help keep your lawn equipment in tip-top shape, but it will also help prevent accidental fires.

4) Replace Weather Stripping

Replacing your weather stripping should be a top priority for protecting your home from harsh weather. Weather stripping keeps dirt and debris outside, and can conserve energy by keeping cold air out. In an attached garage this can have a huge impact on your energy bill. Weatherstripping becomes cracked and brittle over time, so make sure to check or replace it yearly.

5) Insulate the Garage

If you spend a lot of time in your garage, it might be best to insulate the garage and garage door to help keep the cold air out. Insulating your garage ensures your garage will not let the cold air in, making sure you don’t freeze while working or hanging out in your garage workshop or man-cave.

Get Your Garage Ready for Cold Weather

There are numerous benefits to get your garage ready for cold weather. Not only does it afford a more comfortable climate to be in, but it helps keep your utility bills down, helps your garage door and parts last longer, and will save you money in the long run. If you need assistance with weatherstripping or insulation, it is best to contact your professional garage door service for assistance.

Contact us to learn more about how to get your garage ready for cold weather.

How to Protect Your Home While You’re on Vacation

How to Protect Your Home While You’re on Vacation

Everyone loves going on vacation, but did you know that July and August (when many people take their vacations) is the most popular times for thieves to break in? When you are getting ready for that exciting adventure with your family, it is important to add protecting your home to your pre-vacation to-do list.

Protecting Your Home

No one wants to come home from a memorable vacation to find that someone broke in and stole their belongings. Here are eight great ways to help protect your home while you are on vacation, and help keep your mind at ease.

  1. Keep Quiet on Social  Media
  2. Lock Those Doors
  3. Ditch the Spare Key
  4. Home Monitoring System
  5. Enlist Help from Friends or Neighbors
  6. Install Outdoor Sensor Lights
  7. Disconnect Your Garage Door
  8. Make it Look Like Someone’s Home

1) Keep Quiet on Social  Media

Social media is a great tool for connecting with others, but don’t share your plans prior to your vacation. Sadly, thieves watch social media for clues and to find their next victims. Wait to post those awesome vacation photos after you return from your trip.

2) Lock it Up

Yes, it’s a no-brainer, but when you are scrambling to get out the door, it can be easy to overlook. Before leaving, go through the house and check every window and door and make sure they are locked. Statistics show that 30% of all burglars come through an unlocked window or door.

3) Ditch the Spare Key

Many people have a spare key hidden in a plant or somewhere else outside of their home. Remove this while you are on vacation. A seasoned criminal will seek these hidden keys out and use them. Give this key to a friend or neighbor while you are gone, in case they need to get inside your house for any reason.

4) Home Monitoring System

One of the number one ways to protect your home while on vacation is to get a home monitoring system. Homes without security systems are up to 300% more likely to be broken into. These days there are so many to choose from and some of them even let you view what is happening remotely from your own cell phone.

5) Enlist Help from Friends or Neighbors

Enlisting the help of a friend or neighbor can help keep your home safe while you are on vacation. Have them stop by every day or two to turn off or on the lights, collect packages left at the front door, water plants, or anything else to make it seem like someone is there.

6) Install Outdoor Sensor Lights

Outdoor sensor lights are a great deterrent for thieves–whether you are home or not. These motion activated lights help illuminate any wrong-doers and hopefully deter them completely. There are many on the market these days and most are pretty affordable.

7) Disconnect Your Garage Door

Criminals are not dumb and they are learning that some garage doors can be opened with a universal remote! Be sure to disconnect your garage door while you are away and make sure it is manually locked for the duration of your vacation. Click To Tweet If your garage door is broken, be sure to have it repaired by a professional garage door repair company prior to leaving.

8) Make it Look Like Someone’s Home

Criminals are less likely to rob your home if it looks like someone is there. Most thieves strike when people are gone from the home–when you are at work or on vacation. As mentioned above, it is imperative that you have a friend or neighbor look over your house and make frequent visits to make it look like someone is at home.

Be at Ease on Your Next Vacation

Don’t wind up a statistic and be sure to take the necessary precautions to help protect your home while you are away enjoying your vacation.

Contact us to learn more about how you can better protect your home while you are on vacation.

Garage Security Tips for a Safe Home

Garage Security Tips for a Safe Home

Your garage is an extension of your home and should be treated accordingly.  You would never leave your front door open, yet many people leave their garages open for hours, even days. This presents a vulnerability that the wrong person could exploit. Click To Tweet

Think Like a Thief: Garage Security Tips

If you haven’t given much thought to garage security, try a little experiment. Go outside and try to get into your garage.  Can you manually open the door? If you keep an opener in your car, is your car locked?  If you can get in, chances are bad people can too.

1) Keep Up Maintenance

Although the temptation to save money by skipping garage door repairs or maintenance can be strong, resist the urge! Foregoing repairs can provide thieves with a way in and can risk the safety of your family with faulty wiring or springs.

2) Phone or Keychain Access

Most people store their garage door opener in their vehicles, but if you don’t always park in the garage, that presents a vulnerability. If your garage connects to your home, then think of your garage door opener as a house key.  Don’t leave it in your vehicle or anywhere else it could be easily taken. New technology offers openers via smartphone apps or on small keychains.

3) Lock Inner Doors

If you have a door leading from your garage into your home, that doors should be kept as secure as your front door. It should remain locked at all times, even when the garage door is shut.

4) Secure Garage Door While Away

Even automatic garage doors can be manually opened if you know how. If you’re planning time away from home, secure your garage door.  You can either do so with a padlock or by engaging the lock feature of your automatic door.

5) Don’t Leave Your Garage Door Open

While this seems like a no-brainer, people frequently leave their garage doors open. On hot summer days when you might be going in and out, it can be tempting just to leave it open. This allows people to see exactly what you keep in your garage and if you’re not paying attention someone could easily walk in and take something.  

Peace of Mind

If’ you’ve ever heard a strange noise at night, then you’ve felt the fear that can set in.  Knowing that your garage door is secure and inner doors are locked provides peace of mind.  Even when you’re away, knowing that your home is secure is one less thing to worry about!

To improve the security of your garage, Contact Us.