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5 Common Garage Problems Caused by Cold Weather

5 Common Garage Problems Caused by Cold Weather

5 Common Garage Problems Caused by Cold Weather

A garage can be quite a gift in the bitterly cold winter time. Parking in the garage can save you time from needing to scrape ice off your windshield or having to deal with dead batteries in the early morning hours. Unfortunately, the cold temps can also have a negative effect on your garage door, leaving it stuck or unable to open. Did you know that cold weather can negatively impact the performance of your garage door? It can. Here are 5 common garage problems caused by cold weather and how to fix them. Click To Tweet

Cold Temperatures and Your Garage Door

If you are suffering from a garage door that won’t open in the cold, check out these five common issues and their solutions.

  1. Replace Batteries
  2. Worn Weather Stripping
  3. Broken Garage Springs
  4. Check Lubrication
  5. Examine Remote Sensor

1)  Replace Batteries

If your garage door won’t budge, check the batteries in your remote control. Put a fresh set of batteries in and see if that was causing the problem before you move on to any other garage door troubleshooting.

2) Worn Weather Stripping

If there is water around your garage and it freezes, it can cause your weather stripping to stick to the ground and be torn off when the door opens. This can leave your garage uninsulated and feeling frigid–not to mention it will boost your electric bill, too!

ProTip: To help keep the frigid air out of your garage this winter, take some time to replace your weather stripping and keep that cold air where it belongs–outside!

3) Broken Garage Springs

As the temperatures get colder and near the freezing range, the metal springs on your garage door can weaken and snap. This typically happens with older or rusty springs, so make sure to check and replace any springs that look like they could use a repair.

4) Check Lubrication

Be sure to check the lubrication and grease used on your garage door track and parts. When the temperatures drop, this lubrication can thicken and create issues with your garage door working properly. Remove old, hard grease with a solvent and apply the right amount of lubricant suggested by the garage door manufacturer.

5) Examine Remote Sensor

Although rare, extreme weather can damage your garage door sensor. A common issue is the sensor cracking due to the cold. If you think your sensor is cracked or broken, you will need to call a garage door repair professional.

Contact a Garage Door Professional

One of the best ways to prevent these common garage problems caused by cold weather is to keep up with regular garage maintenance throughout the year. You can do this yourself, or hire a professional to help keep up with annual maintenance. If you are experiencing any of the above garage door issues, enlisting the help of a garage repair service can get your garage door working in no time.

The Garage and Cold Weather Issues

If your garage has been neglected for some time, you might find one of the above garage door issues happening to you. Be sure to use the above guide to help troubleshoot your problem, and be sure to contact a professional to help get your garage door working again.

Contact us to learn more common garage problems caused by cold weather and how to remedy them.

Your Guide to Garage Door Repair

Your Guide to Garage Door Repair

Garage doors usually aren’t given a second thought until they won’t open!  The expenses of home ownership can add up fast, which is why it can be tempting to try to fix things yourself. While that’s possible for small issues, others should be left to the professionals.

When to DIY and When to Call a Professional

Google is helpful for a lot of reasons.  You can find tutorials to help you fix almost anything. Homeowners easily address many small garage door issues, but some require a professional.  If you’re debating making a repair yourself, be honest about your abilities, time, and level of expertise.  

1) Faulty Garage Door Opener

When the garage door won’t open with the remote or wall switch, it’s most likely a problem with the power source. Check that the motor unit is plugged in.  If it is, check the circuit breaker to see if it’s been tripped.  If other lights or outlets in the garage aren’t operating, this is the likely cause, and you’ll need to reset the breaker or replace the burned-out fuse. Once you’ve tested these sources without succes, it’s possible the garage door opener motor has burned out. This is a problem that will require a professional garage door repairman.

2) Frozen Door

Sometimes a garage door will fail to open in the winter due to ice.  Pouring warm water on the floor along the bottom of the garage door will melt the ice and should free the door.  While a gentle jostling can loosen the door, be sure not to shake it too hard.

3) Old Weather Stripping

Warped, damaged, and old weather stripping can cause a lot of problems. Faulty seals can let water into your garage, cause issues with temperature regulation and create an unintended entrance for pests. Weather stripping is easy to remove and new stripping can be attached with special glue available at your hardware store.  

4) Broken Springs

Broken spring replacement is dangerous because springs are under tension. Without the right tools, knowledge and safety measures, you can lose a finger, or worse! Springs are known to launch themselves through a room when incorrectly removed, which can cause damage or injury. If you spot broken or faulty springs, contact a professional to make the necessary repairs.

5) Sensor Problems

Dirt and cobwebs can build up over time and block the sensor from functioning. Inspect and clean the transmitter and receiver with a towel. While you’re doing that, check the sensor frame on either side of the system. If a frame mount is bent or broken, the light beam may not make it from the transmitter to the receiver. Make sure the sensors are secure, straight and clean.  If you follow these steps and still have sensor issues, contact a professional.

6) Replacing Your Garage Door

Unless you have extensive experience with garage doors, it’s not recommended to attempt to replace your doors.  Doing so requires wiring and installation expertise and should be done by a professional. This is especially true if your doors were structurally damaged (hit with a car, for example) since your garage will need to be inspected for damage.

Garage Door Repair Tips

When assessing a repair, it’s always wise to start with the basics.  Ensure that electric elements are plugged in and receiving power from the breaker.  Make sure they’re clean and free of buildup, and as you cross off possible sources for the problem, you’ll eventually reach a step you don’t know how to complete.  That’s when you should bring in a professional.
If your garage door is in need of repair or replacement, Contact Us for help.

Garage Door Trouble

Garage Door Trouble


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