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Top Garage Trends You’re Sure to Love

Top Garage Trends You’re Sure to Love

Top Garage Trends You’re Sure to Love

The garage is no longer a neglected an overlooked room in the house. People are cleaning them up and using them in new and exciting ways. In fact, the New York Times is calling the garage the “next frontier in remodeling”. Elevating your garage can give your home value a big boost. Here are the top 5 garage trends to get you started. Click To Tweet

Top Garage Trends

Your garage is a reflection of the rest of your home, so make sure it is clean, organized, and keeping up with trends. Here are the top five garage trends that can help you add value to your home, as well as giving you more space to use and be excited about.

  1. Get Organized
  2. Extend Your Home
  3. High-Quality Flooring
  4. Modern Garage Door
  5. Smart Garage Technology

1) Get Organized

A little organization goes a long way when it comes to your garage. Garages tend to become a catch-all for unused junk, tools, and other things that don’t belong in the house. Start getting organized by throwing out anything you don’t use, and then set up shelving, pegboards, or overhead storage to keep everything organized in its new place.

2) Extend Your Home

No longer are garages used only to park cars or keep tools. One of the top garage trends is to use your garage as an extension of your home. Transform your garage into a home office, a family movie space, a workshop, or even a kid’s playspace. With proper planning, you can use your garage in a multitude of ways.

3) High-Quality Flooring

Is your garage floor dirty and covered with oil stains? Many homeowners are painting, staining, or covering their garage floors with epoxy floor covers. This not only adds value to your home but also creates a more durable and impact resistant garage floor that is easier to clean.

ProTip: Putting high-quality flooring in your garage will make it look and feel clean, modern and functional.

4) Modern Garage Door

Most homes come with boring, plain garage doors. One of the top garage trends is to replace these drab doors with new, modern ones. Garage doors take up a large part of your home’s exterior and don’t go unnoticed. Upgrade your garage door so it has windows, or get a garage door made from beautiful wood, or modern steel painted to coordinate with your home. If a new, modern garage door isn’t in your budget, have necessary garage door repairs and then give it a fresh coat of paint.

5) Smart Garage Technology

It seems like everything in the house is smart these days, and the garage is no different. Upgrade your garage with the latest trends, such as smart garage door openers, cameras, smart smoke detectors, motion sensors, and garage lighting.

Elevate Your Garage with these Top Garage Trends

It’s easy to elevate your garage with the above top garage trends. With so many terrific options for updating your garage, this space will no longer be neglected and unused.

Contact us to learn more top garage trends you are sure to love.

5 Hurricane Preparation Tips to Keep Your Garage Dry

5 Hurricane Preparation Tips to Keep Your Garage Dry

Hurricane season is in full swing, and if you aren’t prepared, it could mean flooding or damage to your home. When it comes to the high winds and heavy rains the garage door is usually the first to go, causing everything inside your garage to be potentially ruined.  

Top Hurricane Preparation Tips

If you keep anything in your garage–a car, tools, bikes, and other stuff–a hurricane can wreak havoc by flooding and destroying your treasured items. Being properly prepared can save you a lot of time, money, and heartache when it comes to tropical storms. A weak or old garage door can cause serious problems during a hurricane. Follow these five preparation tips to make sure your home and garage stay dry this hurricane season. Click To Tweet

  1. Seal Leaks and Cracks
  2. Proper Drainage
  3. Strategic Storage
  4. Inspect  or Replace Your Garage Door
  5. Use Sandbags

1) Seal Leaks and Cracks

One of the best ways to keep your garage dry and safe is by sealing up any leaks or cracks that might allow water to seep in. Check the walls, floors, and ceiling for cracks and then fill and seal them to help water from causing damage.

2) Proper Drainage

If your drains overflow, where will the water go? Be sure to check your street’s drains, but also take a look at how the water flows around your home, too. It might be in your best interest to install a French drain to help water divert from your area, keeping your garage and home dry.

3) Strategic Storage

If you are like most people, you store things in your garage. Just in case waters do make their way into your space, be sure to strategically store your items. Use plastic sealed containers, move paper items to higher shelves, raise furniture on concrete blocks, and also elevate any equipment, such as lawn mowers, power tools, and other things that require electricity or gas to run.

4) Inspect or Replace Your Garage Door

Prior to a hurricane, take the time to inspect your garage door. Does the weatherstripping need replacing? Is there a gap at the bottom of the door? Are there any holes in your garage door? If you have any of these issues, you might want to consider calling a professional for garage door repair, or you should also consider having a new garage door installation.  

5) Use Sandbags

After you have inspected, properly stored, and sealed up any leaks or cracks, you can also use sandbags to help keep your house safe and garage dry if a hurricane strikes. While sandbags won’t guarantee to keep water out of your home, it will keep plastic sheeting in place to create a barrier from the water.

ProTip: Worried about keeping your garage safe and dry this hurricane season? Be prepared by sealing up any leaks and cracks, and make sure to inspect and replace your garage door before the storm comes.

Protect Your Garage this Hurricane Season

While hurricanes are unpredictable, you can make sure you are as prepared as possible when you follow the above five hurricane preparation tips.

Contact us to learn more hurricane preparation tips.

Is Your Garage Door Stuck? Here’s What to Do.

Is Your Garage Door Stuck? Here’s What to Do.

Even with proper maintenance, garage doors can get stuck. This can create a security risk, as well as an unwanted hassle. A proper assessment will steer you to your next step in deciding what to do to fix your garage door, whether it is stuck halfway open, or won’t open at all.

When Your Garage Door Sticks

When the garage door becomes jammed, an inspection of several parts is in order. Here are six different variables to consider when dealing with a garage door that won’t move.

1) Check the Opener

First off, you need to determine whether the garage door is malfunctioning, or if it is the garage door opener causing the issues. To check, close the garage door completely, then pull the emergency release cord to disengage the opener trolley. Try to open the garage door by hand. If it completely opens smoothly, the problem is with the opener–not the door. If the garage door still only opens halfway, the problem is the door.

2) Test the Sensors

With the endless use of your garage door, it is no wonder that the sensors can become dirty or even knocked around. The sensors need to remain aligned and dust-free in order to remain working well. To start, try dusting off any debris from the sensors and see if the garage door works. If not, verify the wiring between the sensor and the door. To do this, check the LED light and see what color it is. If the green LED on the sensor is off, dim, or flickering, alignment is required.

3) Consider the Weather

The weather also plays a role in how well your garage door works. If your garage door is acting up when the weather is changing, you need to adjust the pressure on the opener. Most openers have a force-adjustment mechanism which controls the force that is used to operate the door. If you feel this is the cause of your garage door being stuck, it is best to let professionals assist you in adjusting the opener’s pressure.

4) Inspect the Tracks

Investigate the track, door rollers, hinges, and other hardware for signs of blockage and or damage that causes the garage door to get hung up. Lubricate the tracks with a silicone oil or spray and attempt to lift the door slowly. Watch closely to see if there is any obstructions that are causing it to become stuck or propelling it into reverse. Anything that protrudes in the pathway can make a garage door become stuck.

5) Don’t Get Disconnected

Every garage door comes with a disconnect cord, switch, or knob that allows you to work on the door manually. Occasionally, this switch can be accidentally turned off and the motor becomes disconnected. Double check that your motor is connected.

6) Visually Check the Springs

Always check your springs if your garage door is not working. At times, these springs break and need repair. There are two types of springs used. The torsion spring is located horizontally, at the top of the door. Check for a gap in between the springs to see if they are broken. If your springs run alongside your garage door, these are extension springs. Look and see if any piece of the spring is broken and hanging. If your springs are broken, contact a professional to have them replaced. Replacing springs on your own is a dangerous process and should not be done.

After You Inspect

Garage doors make life easier but can cause frustrations when not properly working. Inspect these common garage door issues and then determine whether you are able to fix the problem or if you need a professional to assist you. Click To Tweet Blockages and unaligned sensors are easy to fix on your own, but other issues, like repairing springs and adjusting the pressure-mechanisms, need to be taken care of by professionals.

To learn more about what to do when your garage door gets stuck and how to fix it, Contact Us.

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