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Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door Repair Services

If you need a quality garage door repair company that you can trust, The Woodlands Garage Door Service is here to help! We have been serving The Woodlands and surrounding Montgomery County areas for over 30 years, which means we know how to quickly and efficiently handle your garage door problems. No matter how small or large your project needs are, we can respond to your call in a timely manner and ensure quality work for your garage door. From complete renovations and installs to sensor cable repairs, The Woodlands Garage Door Service is a one-stop-shop for all of your needs!

garage door repairs, broken spring replacement, The Woodlands Garage Door

Broken Spring Replacement 

Get your garage door springs fixed at an affordable rate and with materials that will last for many years to come!


garage door repairs, damaged panel door, The Woodlands Garage Door Service

Damaged Panel Repairs 

Garage door panels can get damaged in many different ways. We can repair or replace only the damaged panel sections, rather than replacing the whole garage door to help save you money.


Garage Door Repairs, New Installation, The Woodlands Garage Service

Garage Door Installation

Upgrade your garage door design and security features! We provide full installation services and custom solutions for your needs.


Garage Door Repairs & Openers, The Woodlands Garage Door Service

Garage Door Opener Repairs

Garage door openers can break for many different reasons. When you need a replacement quickly, we can provide multiple options to fit your specific needs in a timely manner.


Garage Door Repairs, Cable Issues, The Woodlands Garage Door

Cable Issues

We carry a full line of all products related to garage door cables. If your cable is broken or loose, we can quickly get it back to running properly by replacing the necessary broken parts.


Garage Door Repairs and Sensors, The Woodlands Garage Door

Sensor Issues

Garage door sensors and openers work together–if one is broken, the other may not work. If you are having issues with a broken garage door sensor, we can repair and replace any necessary parts in one quick trip to your home.


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