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5 Easy Ways to Update Your Garage

Your garage is a major part of your home, and there is no reason it shouldn’t be as spectacular as the rest of your house. For many, the garage remains the same from the time you initially move in, until it’s time to move out. The garage tends to be neglected and one of the last rooms we think about when making changes to the decor or making updates to the house. Upgrading your garage can not only add space and make it feel more welcoming but also adds value when looking to re-sell. Click To Tweet

Update Your Garage This Weekend

With the wonderful spring weather, there is no better time to spend a weekend updating your garage. Here are five easy ways to update your garage this weekend!

1) Purge Junk

Garages can quickly become a catch-all for all sorts of junk and infrequently used items. By purging the junk, and using storage on the walls and in cabinets, keep only what is necessary. If you haven’t used it in years, there is a high likelihood that you won’t use it again, so stop holding on to pointless rubbish and just get rid of it! If you have items you don’t want to throw away, maybe have a garage sale or donate those unwanted items.

2) Built-In Storage

After you have purged the junk–it needs to be organized. Organization is the key to keeping your garage useable and clean. Adding built-in storage cabinets or shelves can help get all that clutter out of view. Holiday decorations, equipment, and other things that take up space can be put away out of view. Adding labels to the outside of the cabinets or onto storage boxes will help you easily locate items when needed again.

3) Refinish the Floor

Refinishing the garage floor is an obvious choice for updating your garage. There are a number of options for creating the perfect floor. You can choose between floor covers, garage tiles or epoxy paint, to name a few. If you have a car that is known to leak oil, make sure to put down a surface that is cleanable, or pick up an oil leak mat to prevent stains.

4) Paint

A fresh coat of paint freshens up any room–but especially the garage! The best way to accomplish this task is to remove everything from the garage and paint all the walls (and the floor if you are doing that, too) at one time. By emptying the garage, you have time to get rid of unwanted things and begin your organizing while the paint dries.

5) Replace or Repair Garage Doors

Nothing looks better than a new or refurbished garage door. The garage door is one of the first things you (and others) see when pulling up to the house. It is important for your garage door to make a good impression. You can completely replace it, or if it’s damaged, you can get garage door repair services. Either way, updating your garage door will add aesthetic and monetary value to your home.

Update Your Garage

When you update your garage, you are getting the most value from your home. By organizing it, getting rid of junk and clutter, and keeping it up-to-date with a new coat of paint, you are much more likely to use it and also add to your home’s appeal. While the above updates can be accomplished in just a weekend, their effects will last for years.
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