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Your Garage and Cold Weather: What You Need to Know

Picture this.  You’re bundled up, sitting in your car, ready for work.  You hit the button to open the garage door, but nothing happens.  You hit it again and again but to no avail. What’s the problem?

Don’t Panic

When temperatures drop, you may have several issues with your garage door. Most are easily fixed, but if you’re ever in doubt, call your garage door dealer. Your garage and cold weather might not always get along, and here’s why:

1) Broken Springs

When temperatures drop, it’s not uncommon for metal to crack. The cold weather may have caused the garage door springs to contract and break. It is one of the common reasons that a garage door won’t open in cold weather.  If that happens, then you need to call your garage door dealer.  Replacing the springs is not a project for a beginner and can cause injury if attempted incorrectly.

2) Hardened Grease

Grease buildup can harden in colder weather. If you notice this, you need to remove the buildup using a grease solvent. Use a firm bristle toothbrush to work into cracks. Wipe away solvent, and apply a silicone-based lubricant to the moving parts.

3) Garage Door is Frozen to Floor

When you mix ice or snow with freezing temperatures, there’s always a chance that your garage door can freeze. This is more likely when the bottom of the door is missing a rubber seal or if it’s damaged.  Simply pour some warm water down to loosen the door from the ice.

Preventative Maintenance

Twice per year, deactivate your garage door opener by pulling on the security cord. Raise your garage door.  Is it too heavy? If so, you have just discovered a serious issue. Contact a garage door specialist immediately to fix the problem. You can also help maintain the proper function of your garage door by lubricating the the rollers and spring system. Use motor oil, such as 10W30.

Safety First

Winter weather produces many hazards to watch out for.  Cold temperatures and condensation can wreak havoc on machinery, roads and structures. It’s important to put safety first, especially when it comes to something as large as a garage door.  Contact Us for all your garage door repair needs this winter!