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3 Reasons to Consider Garage Door Financing

If your garage door has been through the wringer, you may be wondering if you should repair or replace it. While a repair is more cost-effective in some instances, you may find you’ll get more bang for your buck with a replacement. A new garage door can boost your home’s curb appeal, enhance the security of your home and improve home value. The price of garage door replacement depends on the material, quality, and the number of garage doors. 

Advantages of Garage Door Financing

Garage door financing is a great solution en lieu of paying a lump sum.  Financing options usually involve putting money down, then paying the rest in installments over 12 months. It eases the burden on homeowners, who are often juggling several home improvement projects at once. A garage door is a fantastic investment, both for the look of your home and the value to it.

1) High return on investment

A new garage door is a solid investment. They recoup over 95% of the cost in added value to your home. When selling your home, it’s a very noticeable element.  A garage door in disrepair can mean the difference between a fast offer or your house sitting on the market.

2) Get the door you want

If you have an outdated or broken garage door, you probably look at it every day and cringe.  A garage door takes up a huge expanse of your house, so make sure you choose something that will last for years to come. A timeless design can have a big impact and can change the way you see your house.

3) Boost curb appeal

Your garage is usually the first thing people see when they visit your home. That first impression can be greatly hindered by a garage door in disrepair. A new garage door does wonders for your home’s curb appeal.

Give Your House New Style

It’s easier than ever to update the look of your home.  A new garage door is within your reach with garage door financing. Don’t let cost keep you from the garage door you really want. Start today!
Woodlands Garage Door offers free financing up to a year on purchases over $1,000 with 1/2 down.  Contact Us for more details.