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5 Simple Garage Door Ideas to Update Your Home

Your garage doors can add beauty, function, and safety to your home, but if they’re outdated or in disrepair, they can turn into an eyesore.  Updating your garage doors is a smart investment and one that will last many, many years. Most people don’t put a lot of thought into their garage, but with so many design options, the right one can make your home stand out.

A Big Statement

Like your dishwasher or car, you probably don’t give your garage doors much thought until they break. If they’re newer, a simple repair may be all you need. However, if the doors are old and broken, it’s probably time for a replacement. Letting such a large and visible element sit neglected makes it seem as though the house itself is somewhat in disrepair. Your garage doors make a big statement, so make sure it’s a good one!

1) Carriage Doors

Carriage garage doors are designed to replicate the classic feel of the carriage house doors of the past. Most historic carriage houses had doors that would swing out to open. Today’s carriage garage doors can swing out similarly or can be modernized to open with a garage door opener.

2) Frosted Glass

An aluminum door with frosted glass panels offers a sleek design scheme. This is also great if you frequently use your garage and would like both privacy and natural light. Glass panel doors work best in more modern homes, but can be designed in a variety of other styles.

3) Modern Wood Doors

A huge trend in garage door design is the minimalistic wood door. These can be solid wood, or can pair wood with glass or aluminum.  The resulting aesthetic is modern and simplistic. These doors are an excellent choice for mid-century style homes.  

4) Unique Details

Maybe your garage door is in good shape, but lacks personality. Adding unique elements or finishes can update the look of your door without doing anything drastic.  

5) Barn Doors

These are similar to carriage house doors, but mimic the country-feel of traditional barn doors. Most feature the iconic X, which was originally used to strengthen the door. These can be made to slide sideways on a track, which adds an element of interest.

Garage Door Ideas For Maximum Impact

Choosing the right garage door can complement the look and style of your home. Choosing the wrong design can clash with your home and create an eyesore. Garage doors last a long time, so it’s crucial to carefully consider your options. Make a statement this Spring with these 5 garage door ideas!

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