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5 Spring Cleaning Ideas to Spruce up Your Garage

Spring is in the air!  The birds are chirping and the buds of new growth are peeking through the soil. Now that it’s warm enough to go outside, you might be ready to start spring cleaning. A thorough cleaning can help to organize and declutter your garage space, which often becomes a dumping ground for junk.

Getting Organized

Can you pull your car into the garage right now?  If not, you’re not alone. Many homeowners use their garage to store outdoor tools, toys, and decorations. If you’re ready to park in your garage again, follow these 5 steps:

1) Declutter

One of the most rewarding parts of spring cleaning is getting rid of all the clutter. A good rule of thumb when debating keeping an item is to ask yourself if you’ve used it in the last year. If not, it’s probably safe to get rid of it. As you sort through things your no longer need, divide items into two piles. One pile for a garage sale and one for trash. Whatever doesn’t sell at a garage sale can be donated.

2) Clean

Put a little elbow grease in and get your garage into mint condition. Remove grease stains with solvent from the hardware store, clear out cobwebs, and wipe down shelving. If you use part of your garage for storage, make sure all boxes are in good condition and clear of debris.

3) Make Improvements

Once you’ve cleaned, take stock of things that need to be improved. If you store things in cardboard boxes, consider switching to plastic. This will protect your things from moisture and insects. If your shelving has seen better days, consider updating to a more functional design. Take stock of broken tools, ladders, or lawn equipment. If it can be repaired, take it in. If not, it may be time to replace it. What about your garage floor? Repair chips and consider painting it with oil-resistant paint or surfacing specially made for garages. 

4) Reorganize

Now that repairs have been made and your space is clean, it’s time to reorganize. Keep in mind what you use your garage for. Is everything you use regularly accessible?  Are items on your shelves organized in a way that’s easy to see and reach?  If not, organize your things in a way that’s convenient for you.

5) Add Value

You add value to your garage just by cleaning it, but to maximize value, you may want to make bigger changes. Is your garage door fully functional? Do breaks require damaged panel repair?  Does the opener work? With your garage clean and organized, you might actually be able to pull both cars into the garage!  Take advantage of this newly available space by repairing or replacing your doors. Such improvements see a return rate of more than 90%, making it an incredibly smart investment.

A Garage to Be Proud of

Your garage is an extension of your home, and its condition makes a big impact, whether the garage doors are open or closed. An organized garage with a beautiful and functional door makes your entire home seem newer.

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