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5 Ways to Add Charm To Your Home

Whether your home’s style is outdated, or you are needing to do a few minor outside renovations, you might be wondering the best way to add character and charm to your home. Making a few small changes can add instant personality and boost your home’s curb appeal. Click To Tweet

Simple Ways to Add Charm

There are plenty of easy ways to create character in your home’s exterior, and you don’t have to break the bank, either! Here are five simple ways to transform your house into a charming home everyone will envy!

1) Flower Beds & Window Boxes

One of the easiest ways to start adding charm to your home is to create some flower beds and fill them with colorful flowers! And, what is more charming than window boxes? Spend the weekend making window boxes, or find some pre-made ones. Paint them to match your house and soon you will have the most charming flowers spilling out from under your windows.

2) Covered Porches

Nothing is more charming than a covered porch. Covered porches are the natural choice for cottages and other homes known for their charm. If you can’t afford to cover the entire porch, covering the entryway can also add character and charm!

3) Lights & Lanterns

Adding landscaping lights is a great idea and way to add charm. Or, hang a few lanterns on a flat facade to add depth and character to a boring wall. There are plenty of different light fixture options, between solar, LED, and a multitude of styles.

4) Update Your Doors

Changing your home’s doors can be one of the best ways to lighten up your facade and give your home the charming look you desire. Choose a front door that has windows, and matches your home’s architectural style. Once you’ve picked out a new door, replace your old garage door with a new one that matches! Having a garage door that shares the same style as the front door and rest of the house will add charm and greatly boost the home’s value and curb appeal.

5) A Gate & Arbor

You can’t get more charming than walking up to a home with a beautiful, vine-covered arbor and a little gate to enter through. Place some landscape lighting throughout the arbor plants, and have a low masonry or wooden gate to help add instant charm.

Add Charm to Your Home

With the above ideas, there is no reason you can’t make your home as charming as a little cottage in the woods. By adding some lights, updating your front and garage doors, and getting creative with your landscaping, you will add the charm and character you are looking for, and boost your home’s value.

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