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Garage Security Tips for a Safe Home

Your garage is an extension of your home and should be treated accordingly.  You would never leave your front door open, yet many people leave their garages open for hours, even days. This presents a vulnerability that the wrong person could exploit. Click To Tweet

Think Like a Thief: Garage Security Tips

If you haven’t given much thought to garage security, try a little experiment. Go outside and try to get into your garage.  Can you manually open the door? If you keep an opener in your car, is your car locked?  If you can get in, chances are bad people can too.

1) Keep Up Maintenance

Although the temptation to save money by skipping garage door repairs or maintenance can be strong, resist the urge! Foregoing repairs can provide thieves with a way in and can risk the safety of your family with faulty wiring or springs.

2) Phone or Keychain Access

Most people store their garage door opener in their vehicles, but if you don’t always park in the garage, that presents a vulnerability. If your garage connects to your home, then think of your garage door opener as a house key.  Don’t leave it in your vehicle or anywhere else it could be easily taken. New technology offers openers via smartphone apps or on small keychains.

3) Lock Inner Doors

If you have a door leading from your garage into your home, that doors should be kept as secure as your front door. It should remain locked at all times, even when the garage door is shut.

4) Secure Garage Door While Away

Even automatic garage doors can be manually opened if you know how. If you’re planning time away from home, secure your garage door.  You can either do so with a padlock or by engaging the lock feature of your automatic door.

5) Don’t Leave Your Garage Door Open

While this seems like a no-brainer, people frequently leave their garage doors open. On hot summer days when you might be going in and out, it can be tempting just to leave it open. This allows people to see exactly what you keep in your garage and if you’re not paying attention someone could easily walk in and take something.  

Peace of Mind

If’ you’ve ever heard a strange noise at night, then you’ve felt the fear that can set in.  Knowing that your garage door is secure and inner doors are locked provides peace of mind.  Even when you’re away, knowing that your home is secure is one less thing to worry about!

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