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Your Guide to Choosing the Best Garage Color

Is your garage neglected and hasn’t been painted in years? Is your existing paint peeling and chipping? If so, it’s time to get painting! The color of your home (and garage color) plays a large role in not only your home’s aesthetics but also your home’s value and curb appeal, too. The color of your garage can either enhance your home's appearance or hurt it. Which is yours doing? Click To Tweet

Do’s and Don’ts of Garage Color

You might not realize it, but the color you choose for your garage does matter. Before you commit to just any old color, take these do’s and don’ts of garage color into consideration to make sure your new garage compliments the rest of your house.

Color Coordinate

Your garage doesn’t necessarily have to match the color of your house, it does need to compliment it. When in doubt neutral colors, such as white, sand, taupe, and light gray usually always look attractive.

Trendy Garage Colors

Don’t go crazy with some bright and trendy colors for your garage-especially the garage door. You might like a bright teal green now, but in two years time will you wish you had chosen a different color? Most likely. Keep in mind that over-the-top colors usually have a negative effect on home values and curb appeal.

Garage Flooring

When you are updating your garage, don’t forget the floor! A fresh floor coating will make your garage look beautiful. There are a variety of garage flooring products on the market these days, like epoxy coating or cement stain, just to name a few.

Garage Walls

Your garage walls need some love, too. Even if your garage is closed most the time, it is important to put a fresh coat of paint on your garage walls every so often. Paint your walls before you work on the floors and make sure to choose a color that will coordinate well with the floor color.

Garage Door Colors

The color of your garage doors is the most important thing to consider when upgrading and painting your garage. When choosing a color, decide whether you want your fresh paint to highlight or hide your garage door. If your garage door is outdated or looks shabby, this is also the perfect time to invest in a new garage door.

Finding Inspiration for a New Garage Color

Before you get painting your garage, search around the internet or take a drive in your neighborhood to find some inspiration for a new garage color. And, remember–don’t go with the current trends today–find a color scheme that will last over the years and add value to your home.

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