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How to Keep Your Garage Cool in Summer Months

Texas summers can be brutal. High humidity and heat can put a damper on your plans and leave you overheated and miserable. It is important to keep your living space cooled for your comfort. Don’t forget, your garage is also a part of your living space, and can be merciless with the heat trapped inside. Working in your workshop, exercising, or just spending time in the garage can be unbearable when your garage is like an oven. Click To Tweet

Cooling Off Your Garage This Summer

There are many easy ways to help cool off your garage in the summertime. Here are six of the top suggestions for cooling down your garage in summer months:

1) Get Some Air Flow

Getting some air moving in your garage is the quickest and easiest way to cool it down. Start by opening your garage door at least a foot to let out some of the pent up hot air. Fans also work wonderfully at getting some air movement inside a stagnant garage. Ceiling fans, floor fans, exhaust fans, ventilation fans, or a high-powered shop fan is a good idea and won’t break the bank, either.

2) Add Insulation

Unfortunately, most garages lack insulation. Proper insulation drastically reduces the heat and lowering the garage’s temperature. Consider insulating garage doors, walls, and even the ceiling. You might even consider upgrading to a new garage door that is already insulated and ready for the hot summer months. It will not only help cool down your garage but add an updated look to your home and boost home values.

3) Fill Any Holes

Garages can be pretty drafty, letting hot air in and trapping it there. Take a moment to search your garage for any holes and then fill them. Use caulk at any visible gaps, such as window frames, or between garage doors, or add weatherstripping to the bottom of your garage door to make your garage even more insulated.

4) Add Air Conditioning

Air conditioning your garage might be costly, but if you spend a lot of time in it, it might be worth it. If you can afford it, your garage can be included in your central air system, or there are other air conditioning options on the market, as well. Portable air conditioners can be extremely helpful in cooling air in the garage, or if you have windows in your garage, a window air conditioning unit might be the perfect fit for your needs.

5) Choose Light Colors

Your entire house can generate less heat if you paint your home and garage with lighter colors. Dark colors are known to trap heat in, and with lighter colors, you can reflect the heat from the sun. Pick various shades of creams or taupes and also consider a cool roof, which is made from materials which reflect the sun’s rays.

6) Dehumidify and Stay Dry

Humidity is another factor you have to consider when attempting to cool your garage in the summer months. A dehumidifier helps remove moisture from the air and drop the temperature in your garage. Dehumidifiers work especially well when a good ventilation system is in place.

How to Keep Your Garage Cool

Being in the garage when it is hot and humid outside can be miserable, and cause you to forgo your project or workout and head back inside to the cool air conditioning inside your house. By following these top tips, you will be cooling off your garage in no time, and enjoying your garage all summer long.

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