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Top Garage Sale Tips and Tricks

Spring is here and what better time to clean out those closets, garage and the rest of your home? Instead of hauling away the things you are discarding, have a garage sale! Not only do you clear out the clutter, but you can make extra money, too. Having a garage sale does take time and work, and it can be frustrating if you aren’t prepared. With our garage sale tips and tricks, you can avoid headaches and have a successful garage sale.

Get a Garage Sale Plan

After spring cleaning, a garage sale can be a great way to purge, and make a little extra income, too. You can keep the money, or donate it to an organization of your choosing. A well-planned garage sale will net you more money, take less time, and certainly cause you less stress Click To Tweet. Make sure to follow these garage sale tips to ensure your garage sale goes off without a hitch.

Set the Scene

Make it look nice. People don’t want to browse in a dingy, dark garage. Clean up the garage and have it well organized. Make sure there is proper lighting so people can see what you are selling. Sort and sell items that are alike together. Divide your items into categories for easier searching, such as books, clothes, lawn equipment, and home goods. Themed garage sales are also popular and might end up getting more people stopping by to shop.

Multi-Family Sale

The more families involved, the more items you have to sell, and the more hands you have to help! It’s a good idea to team up with neighbors or family and work together for the biggest and best garage sale on the block. WIth multiple families involved, you can take turns working the sale. Most people find luck having garage sales on Fridays and Saturday mornings.


Don’t just set up your garage sale and wait for people to show up! You need to advertise! Put up fliers a few days before to let people in the neighborhood know about your garage sale. Place an ad in your local newspaper, or online. Many of these options are free and can bring a lot of people to your sale.

Put up Signs

Yard signs are a must to help attract buyers to your garage sale. Make sure your signs are large and easy to read by passersby. Don’t forget to add directional arrows to your sign to help people find your house. Check first with your neighborhood to make sure putting up signs is acceptable and allowed. It is best to put signs up the night before so people can know there will be a sale.

Price Items

It takes time, but make sure all items are properly priced before you open your garage sale to the public. You don’t even need to invest in pricing stickers, just use some tape and a permanent marker to mark your items. Do not assume everyone wants to haggle. Price items at a fair price you are willing to accept. You can always change your prices if things aren’t moving.

Make it Feel Like a Store

People don’t like to shop when things are disorganized or disheveled. Make your garage sale feel like a store and people will be more apt to buy. Utilize shelves and tables and keep your sale items as organized as possible. Try to keep items on tables or higher displays. Most people do not want to stoop down to browse on the ground. Hang clothes on racks and not just tossed in a pile.

A Fresh Start

One of the best things about a garage sale (besides the extra cash) is that your junk is gone! Now, you have ample space in your garage and have a chance to freshen it up and reorganize it! Maybe use the money you made on a new garage door or repaint the walls and install new shelving. Many garage door technicians offer spring specials, making Spring the best time for a fresh start!

Garage Sale Tips

With proper planning, advertising, and setting up, your garage sale is certain to be a success. Don’t forget to have plenty of change available for buyers and maybe even have bottled water or donuts to sell to shoppers. Have fun and make your garage sale a party! Add music and make people feel comfortable and welcome to be there.

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