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How to Know if It's Time for a Garage Door Repair

Think of everything in your house that could use repairs or an upgrade. Most likely, you didn’t think about your garage door. Remember that your garage door requires maintenance and attention as much as any other appliance you own, if not more since a broken garage door can be dangerous. Does your garage door need a full replacement?

When Should You Replace Your Garage Door?

Like any part of your house, your garage door wears with use and will require regular maintenance. However, unlike many parts of your house, a malfunctioning garage door can prove dangerous to repair yourself or to ignore for too long. In many cases, it’s simpler to replace the entire system. Keep an eye out for several key factors that can tell you when it’s time to replace your garage door.

  1. Shaking or lots of noise
  2. Safety sensors malfunctioning
  3. Gaps or broken panels
  4. Warping or off-balance
  5. Higher energy costs
  6. Age

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1) Shaking or Lots of Noise

If your garage door vibrates or the motor creaks loudly, that could indicate a potentially serious problem. For example, aging garage door springs produce a lot of noise when the motor runs and can be hazardous to replace on their own. Besides, a loud garage door gets annoying. Excessive noise may be telling you it’s time to replace the entire motor.

Pro Tip: A loud garage door may result from a safety issue or just a poorly designed motor. Let an expert take a look at it and determine if the noise indicates a problem.

2) Safety Sensors Malfunctioning

This is unquestionably the most critical feature to keep an eye on. Your garage door’s safety sensors prevent objects, pets, or people from being crushed by the motor. If they stop working or work only sporadically, your garage door poses a danger to yourself and others. Depending on your system, this problem could also affect your ability to use a remote opener. Have an expert look at your garage door sensors and determine how best to fix the problem.

3) Gaps or Broken Panels

Garage door panels can break and allow thieves or pests into your garage. Depending on the damage, this particular repair may not require replacing your entire door. A single damaged panel can be patched or replaced without disturbing the rest of the system. However, don’t hesitate to replace your entire door if multiple panels start breaking. A full upgrade will likely be faster and cheaper than constantly patching up gaps.

4) Warping or Off-Balance

You may notice your garage door leaning to one side or bending in a seemingly unnatural way. This could mean either some important cables are wearing down, or the motor is no longer strong enough to properly move the door. Either way, this is a problem. If your door can’t close properly, you could end up with more gaps and potential security risks.

5) Higher Energy Costs

Keep an eye on your energy bill. Are you suddenly paying a lot more than in previous months? Your garage door’s insulation may be failing or falling apart, letting energy leak out of your house.

Once again, this doesn’t have to be a complicated repair. If nothing else is damaged, replacing the insulation should fix your problem. But be prepared for a full replacement if the problem goes deeper.

6) Age

How old is your garage door? Old age alone could be wearing the mechanisms down. You may be tempted to just replace the most worn-looking motor components, but putting a brand new part in an old machine can just make the situation worse. If your garage door has been running for 10 or more years, it may be time to upgrade before any major problems happen.

Increase Your Curb Appeal

Having a functional garage door adds as much curb appeal as having a nice-looking door. Whether you end up repairing or replacing your garage door, keeping yourself up to date will increase your home’s value and your own personal assurance.

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