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Sensor Issues

Garage Door Sensor Repair Services

Sensor Issues (Photo-Eyes)

Garage Door Sensor Repair, The Woodlands Garage Door Service, Lake Woodlands areaThe sensors for your garage door need to be working properly for your opener to function well–they work hand-in-hand. If you need a garage door sensor repair, The Woodlands Garage Door Service can provide a prompt response to your service call. When we arrive, our technician will evaluate the issue and determine what garage door repairs need to be made. After discussing your options, we will either repair, realign, or replace your sensors as needed.

Garage Door Opener Repairs

Due to the garage door sensor and openers working together, there could be an issue with the opener itself, the sensor, or both. There are many reasons why you may need a garage door opener repair–there could be a broken part or a motor malfunction. Regardless of the problem, The Woodlands Garage Door Service can fix your opener at an affordable price. Our technicians will troubleshoot the problem and have a discussion about your options. When it cannot be repaired, we replace it with a new garage door opener at a reasonable cost to you.

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