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7 Home Improvement Ideas To Increase Your Home's Value

As homeowners, improving your home’s value should always be in mind when upgrading, replacing, and improving things. It is possible to lose money if you choose the wrong remodeling or upgrades on your home. The trick is to learn which home improvements will increase your home’s value and which aren’t worth the time or money. Click To Tweet

Value Adding Home Improvement Ideas

There is no end to the improvements you can make to your home. From freshening up paint to landscaping, or updating fixtures, there is something at every budget to help you boost your home’s value. Here are seven home improvements guaranteed to bring you a profit when it comes time to sell.

1) Replace Your Garage Door

Garage doors are a large part of the visual aspect of your home. If your garage door is old, faded, and an eye-sore, it can be one of the most impactful improvements you make. Not only will a new and upgraded garage door add value to your home, but it increases curb appeal, as well. Garage doors are available in wood, steel, and fiberglass, and come in a variety of colors and styles.

2) Landscaping

Landscaping is another easy way to build curb appeal and add value to your home. And, you don’t have to hire a landscape designer to make a visual impact, either. Trim existing trees and shrubs. Purchase native plants and plant them in decorative containers, adding color and vibrancy. Flowers are also an inexpensive way to add beauty and value. Plant flowers around the mailbox, along with the driveway or in flower boxes. Planting flowers are one of the easiest and cost-effective home improvements to increase your home’s worth.

3) Spruce Up Front Porch

The front of your house is the focal point of what everyone sees. Make a statement by sprucing up your front porch with some fresh paint and decorative planters with flowers. Update the rusty light fixtures, install fancy house numbers, and change our that outdated door handle to help define and enhance your home’s overall look.

4) Update Front Door

Much like the garage door, the front door adds both curb appeal and value to your home. Nothing has proven a better investment return than a new front door. Older front doors are also a source of energy loss, so replacing an old door improves energy efficiency–another attractive feature for future buyers.

5) Replace Siding

Homebuyers immediately notice whether your siding and exterior has flaws and it could hinder sales. Fresh paint or siding on your house gives your home an instant facelift: refreshing and transforming your home. Periodic maintenance is the surest way to keep your home looking its best.

6) Swap Carpet With Hard Surface Flooring

Nothing turns off a buyer more than knowing they will have to replace the floors once they move in. If your carpets and area rugs are faded and old, it is time to get rid of them. And when thinking about what to use when replacing them–hard-surface flooring is the way to go. There are a variety of available hard surface floorings, like tile, hardwood planks, laminates and more.

7) Repair & Refinish Driveway

A perfect driveway certainly adds curb appeal and value to your home, but you don’t have to get an entirely new driveway to get it looking great. Cracks can be repaired and weeds can be removed. Adding a border to your driveway also gives it an elegant and crisp look. You can edge it with stones, flowers, bricks, or other pavers.

Add Value to Your Home

All homeowners want to make the best decisions when deciding which home improvements to do to get the best return. From replacing and upgrading the garage door, to adding flowers to the landscaping, the above suggestions are just a few ways to add curb appeal and increase home values.

To learn more about which home improvements increase the value of your home and how to achieve these improvements, Contact Us.