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Creative Design Ideas for Your Garage Interior

You might not realize it, but garages play a significant role in the overall value of your home. No one wants a home with a neglected garage that is oil stained, dirty, and unkept. If your garage is a mess of piled up junk and trash, it’s time to make some changes and update your garage.A welcoming garage interior is an investment that will give you function and help your home sell faster when it’s time to put it on the market. Click To Tweet

Getting Creative: Your Garage Interior

The possibilities of upgrading your garage interior are endless. With a little creativity, you can make your garage an innovative place to work, relax, or just park your car. Make sure to figure out how you want to use your garage and create a plan to execute it. Here are five creative design ideas for your garage interior.

  1. Unique Flooring
  2. Add a Pop of Color
  3. Light It Up
  4. Create Storage and Organization
  5. Go For Originality

1) Unique Flooring

There are so many garage flooring options available these days. Depending on what you plan to use your upgraded garage for, you can choose between tile, stained concrete, or many other options on the market. Choose a patterned or colorful floor to add character and pizzazz.

2) Add a Pop of Color

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your garage interior will go far in making your garage feel fresh. While many times it is good to stick with the same or similar color to your exterior and garage door, if you plan to revamp and change your garage to a new living space, you might want to consider a slightly different color scheme. A lighter colored paint will help brighten up the space and add the illusion of more size.

3) Light It Up

Don’t forget the lighting when you are planning out your design ideas for your garage interior. Whether you add some frosted glass windows or just add hanging lights, the added lighting will help illuminate what might usually be a dark and dreary place.

4) Storage and Organization

Everyone could use more storage at home and the garage is the perfect place to find it! By concentrating on what you plan to use your garage for, you can plan and create a place to keep everything organized and stored. Be sure to utilize the walls and ceiling of your garage to ensure even more storage space.

5) Go For Originality

As mentioned, the design ideas for your garage interior are only limited by your imagination! Get creative and go for originality! If you need an office space to work at home, transform your garage into that new office you don’t have space for inside. Other ideas might be a workout area for your loved ones to get healthy in, or even an entertainment room with a bar, televisions, and relaxed seating.

Updating Your Garage Interior

The above are just a few ideas on how you can change and upgrade your garage interior to not only boost your home value, but provide you the perfect space to work, relax, or park your vehicle. So, get a game plan together, start throwing away unwanted junk, and turn your garage into a new space to spend time.

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