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How To Diagnosis Your Garage Door Problem On Your Own

If your door is acting up the problem may be one of the following. If you are experiencing problems with your door call a name you can depend on for over 30 years. Local, Insured & Hodges Family Owned & Operated


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Broken Torsion or Extension Spring

Symptoms:    *  Garage Door will not open    *  Garage Door will only raise a couple of  inches    *  Garage Door is too heavy to lift manually    *  Garage Door Opener struggles to open the door    *   You heard a loud bang (like a shotgun in the house)

Safety Eyes Misaligned or Faulty

Symptoms:     *  Garage Door will not close   *  Garage Door light flashes when trying to close   *  You have to hold in the wall button to close the Garage Door   *  The lights on safety eyes are not lighting up   *  Garage Door only shuts a couple of inches and then goes back up

Roller Replacement

Worn out rollers Symptoms:    *  Garage Door has a loud clicking sound  when opening and closing    *  Garage Door is not operating smoothly    *  Garage Door has a grinding sound

Frayed Cable

Or cable off on one side Symptoms:     *  Garage Door is crooked    *  Garage Door is jammed in track    *  Garage Door will not raise evenly


Symptoms:   *  Door is hanging crooked   *  Door will not roll up and down evenly

Stripped Gear

Symptom:    *  Garage door opener running but the door is not moving

Faulty Circuit Board

Symptoms:   *  Garage Door works occasionally    *  Garage Door opener just clicks or lights  up   *  Garage Door opener does nothing at all   *  Garage Door remotes not working   *  Safety Eyes not working

The Woodlands Garage Door Service