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How To Program A Garage Door Remote



    1.  Find the “Learn” or “Learn Code” button on your garage door opener’s main  overhead unit. This button may be found on the sides or bottom or back  of the  unit ( Usually Green, Purple, Or Red Button)


    2.  Depress and release the “Learn” or “Learn Code” button on the overhead unit.  Look for a flashing light  indicator or listen for a beep to  confirm that the garage door opener unit has entered the programming  mode


    3.  Decide which garage door remote button you want to use to control your garage  door. Depress and release that button within 30 seconds of pressing the “Learn”  or “Learn Code” button


             4.  Wait for the LED indicator to go out or listen for a beep to confirm the  garage door opener remote programming. Press the button on the remote once          then again & your remote should work


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