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Why Garage Door Springs are NOT a Good DIY Project

Garage door springs are what carry most of the weight every time your garage door opens and closes; as a result they often break.  If your garage door spring breaks you will hear a loud BANG come from your garage. The garage door spring is one long spring, but if it’s broken you’ll notice two short springs in its place.

Many people try to take on replacing garage door springs as a DIY project because it seems fairly easy. If you are not a garage door professional we highly recommend that you do not try to replace your garage door spring on your own because it can be dangerous.

The garage door spring and counterweight system hold the full weight of the door so they are under extreme tension. That tension can cause an explosive effect when released. When you unwind and/or wind the garage door spring during replacement its likely to break, slip or explode, which could result in damaged property, injury, loss of limbs or even death.

People often mistake the motor as the load-bearing mechanism on the garage door, so they fail to realize how dangerous working with garage door springs can be. The motor you see on your garage door was not made to support the full weight of the door. Its only purpose is to lift and close the door as a person would with their own hands if it were a manual garage door.

When a repair can easily turn dangerous or even deadly it’s best to call a qualified technician that has experience and knowledge in the field. At The Woodlands Garage Door Service we have professional garage door technicians that are highly skilled and will offer you timely and affordable repairs. Contact us today to get a free quote or visit our website here.